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Untamed T-Rex by Fingerlings Tracker – Christmas 2019 Hot Toys


Meet the Untamed T-Rex, a fierce and unpredictable toy. It has come to rescue you. From newborn baby to foe all happy to play with Untamed. It presents gripping claws with snipping jaws. Put a massive smile on your kid’s face. Its untamed mode let it to roar, hiss, and chomp.

These fierce Fingerlings comes with responsible action. It can react by producing sounds if you touch or shake it. There are about 40 different sounds and animations. As there are multiple modes to play with it, so you can switch up the modes to tame style where untamed T-Rex will only purr or nozzle.

A bunch of hidden surprises under their sleeves. All need to press and hold two senses together, and the result will exceptional. There is a unique hug each time when you powered it on. Thanks to the gross dino gas because it makes them rolling on the floor. Let’s have some of its excellent features!

Attractive and Fierce Features

This Fingerlings toy will blow off your mind. It comes with 40 fierce animated reactions. Each reaction is different, having a unique sound that is programmed in the figures. If you want to see its results, you have to tap on its head or nose. Some of the best reactions are as hisses, roars, growls, and warning calls.

Shaking the untamed and get the most fierce respond. It will chew. The tighter you grab it on its head or back, the louder it will roar.

Ferocious at Your Finger Tips

Unleash two untamed modes such as tamed and untamed. By tapping soft hands, it will respond as nuzzling and purr. Unveil its violent reaction by holding it tight and get roar, hiss and chomp animated reactions.

Decide that it’s you Friend or Foe

This toy behavior depends on you to make it your friend or foe. Do you want it becomes your friend? Just tap on its head or nose. Want to see its wild side? You are the master, grab it tightly, and let it be a foe.

Rile Them Up

The various reactions, including hisses, warning calls, growls, and roars. Switch the full-roar attack by shaking it.

Calm Them Down

After getting fierce reactions, calm it by petting on it. You can start stroking from its nose tip and move your hand slowly to its back of the head. It will lay down in your hands for a quick raptor snooze.

Dino Gas

If you want to laugh out, then press and hold both sensors together for a surprise! Gross!

The Good Points Untamed T-Rex

  • The size of this toy is pretty suitable; your child can take it anywhere comfortably.
  • As it comes with different modes, your kid plays around with depending on the mood they are in.
  • Snipping jaws and gripping claws make this dinosaur fun. They respond when you touch, grab, or shake them.
  • They are reasonable when it comes to price for collection for kids who want colorful dinosaurs.
  • These little colorful dinosaurs come with batteries, and most will agree that they are incredibly loyal, leaving your side.

Things to Consider

Untamed comes with different colors, and your child can force you to let them all because one may not be complete the pleasure they need. For this purpose, you have to spend more money to get different colored Untamed T–Rex to put a massive smile on your kid’s face.

The Wrapping Words

As always, WowWee comes with the ever-best creations, Untamed T-Rex by Fingerlings. Though this toy is the latest toy they are rapidly becoming the fast-selling product, especially for boys. Fingerlings have hugging products, and The Untamed toy will definitely and immerse joy to any household. If you are going to buy this attractive toy then keep in your mind it is suitable for kids who are between 5 to 15 years.

Recommended Age: 5 to 15 years



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