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Twisty Pets Collectible Bracelets Set – All New Toys 2019


An appealing little-bejeweled toy that can adorably transform into a sparkly bracelet, Twisty Petz as well as Perfectly wearable stylish neckless, are all in one, Twisty Pets. To make a blingy bracelet it takes two Twisty pets babies and you are ready to take it with on the go.

The toy comes with six animal combo themes including pandas/ unicorns, unicorns/ kittens, kitties/n puppies, pandas/ kitties, puppies/ pandas, puppies/ unicorns, that make the best toy for girls. There are also 20 dazzling Twisty pets to collect.

The adorable cute animals, you can wear, you can carry, and you can gift too. All Twisty Pets have come to a sparkly finishing end. All come with vivid rainbow-colored cuties that made your jewels vibrant with a gorgeous sheen.

Having adorable faces, these collectible pets have sweet stunning tails. Each Twisty pets come with from Snowshine Deer’s graceful antlers to Giggles Unicorn’s magical horn making the most adorable gift. Connect to create a dazzling necklace. You collect all collectibles and swap with your friends, add some bling as well.

Twisty Pets Collectible Bracelets Set

Pile Your Wrist With Twisty Pets

  • Neon
  • Pastel
  • Pearl Shades
  • Silver Shimmer
  • Golden Twinkle
  • Fuzzy

The gorgeous Twisty pets are ever best gift for the little girls you know. Unwrapping Twisty set includes a gem-shaped jewelry case, and adorable charm, and four Twisty babies. All Twisty have these dazzling similarities:

  • Each Twisty Pets babies measure 1.6 by 6.5 by 9 inches each.
  • All Twisty baby and charm are made of colorful gems with stunning and dazzling finishes. 
  • Create a stylish bracelet or neckless by a twist or untwist to lock together.
  • There are all Twisty Pets with charm shapes either like a rattle, baby bottle, or pacifier.
  • Each case of Tewisty’s weigh 3.36 ounces

Plus Points Twisty Petz

Going to get an adorable gift to your lovely daughter? Blindly decide to gift Twisty, and they will keep it for years to come. It doubles the fun as it is the cutest gift and a stylish jewelry piece as well. There is a wide range of impressive collection to pick up your favorite Twisty, which means you have 24 Twisties to get and wean or use them on different occasions.

  • All in one gift such as there are several ways to use Twisty pet, making it the perfect multi-gift option.
  • These Pets are ideal for the girls who are above four years.
  • It makes it easy to join together via gems and quickly get ready to wear jewelry pieces.
  • This gift increases the creativity in girls to combine several pieces and to create jewelry charm to hang on your purse, necklace, and backpacks.
  • A luxe gem case presents a set to store everything and take them on the go!

Things to Consider

It is worth considering that there is no little con about the Twisty Pets Collectible Bracelets sets. Just gift it to a bit of daughter, and she will fall in love in the blink of any eye. However some of the notable things to consider:

  • As the manufacturers recommended age to buy these Twisty Pets is four years or up, but this toy might be better suited for older kids who can easily navigate their way and combine them to create jewelry pieces.
  • It is hard to convert back into individual animals afterward combining all the animals to make a jewelry piece.

The Final Words

These Twisty Pets Collectible Bracelet sets is a fantastic gift for little girls. As girls love dazzling and sparkly things and this toy is a combo of different elements making it unique from others. The recommended age to buy This Twisty is above four years, but it is also perfect for teenage girls.

Discover the charm by getting an impressive selection of 24 Twisty Pets to collect, and you can create blingy bracelets, necklaces, and backpacks accessories.

Age Recommendation: 4 years or above



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