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Tushi Ninja Buttheads – Interactive Farting Figurine By WowWee


Make hilarious prank with your family and friends by giving Buttshead Tushi. It might you think a toy that comes with butts for a head is extensively invasive, but it’s all about fun and laughter. Just not for only kids but also adults. If you are selecting a gift, I’m sure this toy gives lots of fun for your five-years-old or teen, buy for butts obsessed ones.

There are four different buttheads, and each comes with its fart sounds. The gang of four, namely Tushi (Ninja), The Grim Reaper, Brainfart (Zombie), and Robust (Robot) let you have endless fun. They all have their sounds, signature fart sounds, for instance, Tushi rips out some Samurai-inspired fart sounds. All also come with aptly clad to reflect their unique characters making your toys collections adorable.

Well, stash the toy to prank someone, and you’ll see nothing beats that sweet sounds of the buts prank. Set the timer and make your family and friends laugh. There is also another option which offers to set the pitch low or high just by pushing the butthead’s finger. One more feature added in this toy so that you can get endless fun is each toy can make 20 different sounds.

Separately, each toy has its fart launcher that comes with a unique character card. All you need to scratch on the name showed at the very top of the map to unleash a sweet smile on your face.

Tushi Ninja Buttheads

Cheek to Cheek Battles

Endless laugh with Buttheads toys because they can’t get old. Send gift without mattering age as the buttheads are limit-less toys. But I suggest you kids who have five to fifteen age are the best age for this gift.

Each butthead presents battery ready to set up and let it rip. While the character is sold individually, this toy provides a chance to collect all four buttheads to have more fun. They also make a perfect gift to play a round of rock, scissors, paper. To get sound, shake the toy and wait for the widely offensive yet hilarious rips that you’ll never forget.

Coming with soft material, it doesn’t hurt giving a guarantee that they can through countless laughs for hours.

Their Heads are Butts 

Yeah! It is hilarious, Buttheads toy’s head are butts! A gang of 4 who make a sound when you shake its butts. There are three unique ways to produce sounds. You can pull the finger that makes gross farting noises. Prank whom you love and challenge your family and friends to a fart battle. An interesting thing is each butthead have own signature fart sounds, but more than 20.

Sneaky Pranks

By setting five minutes timer and stash it to prank your friends and family. The timer evacuates the premises to enjoy the fart sound for hours. Surely, you’ll love sweet sounds. So get great Fun!

Loud and Proud

Amazing! Pushing Butthead’s figure for a low pitch thumper and pull their value up for a high pitch! Hilarious! All buttheads have their fart sounds, but all are unique. 

Suffer the Stink

There is a different smelly character card. All need to scratch their name on the top of the map to unleash a good laugh.

Fart Battle Tushi Ninja Buttheads

Get more excitement by challenging your friends to a fart battle. Shaken them up and let tip them in battle mode. The Buttheads, fire beats earth, water beats fire, and earth beats water. Surprise!

Worth Nothing

Well, It is not doubtful that the Buttheads toys fart launcher can give lots of fun for friends and family who enjoys some potty humor. Some of the gadgets might have battery issues, but you can reinstall or remove the battery before use to get the toy to work. Also, it might be a rear case with some of the toys, and that’s not dough if you can return it for exchange or repair.

The Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, there is no age limit to get Buttheads Tushi (Ninja) for a good laugh from these figurine-like Buttheads. In-fact these toys are age-less to get much fun and make a great gag gift to anyone whom you love. Get a Butthead toy for them who are obsessed with a butt you know.

Recommended age: Five years to Fifteen years old kid



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