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Treasure Kings Gold Tomb – Toys For All Kids


To get the ultimate treasure experience with Treasure Kings Gold Tomb is on its way. In this tomb, there are mysteries to solve. To avoid traps and unravel the secrets to open the Vault and reveal the epic treasure in Gold Treasure Tomb.

This playset comes with numerous unboxing experience and a number of digs. To begin with features, there are traps, ladders, secrets to unleash your favorite Treasure X fun moments.

Surprise! This King’s gold treasure tomb offers a vast variety of digging tools to get more treasure. Additionally, there are two mini beats that help you while digging. The mysterious magic rock presents lots of features including the bandage material. Explore the treasure by digging and discover experience.

Get the Mini Beasts from the slumber by digging through the magic rock.

Razor like the artificial sword, use the sword to uncover the smash, open the King’s tomb. As well as, to find the mummified King Goldcrown by digging through the layers and shield by using the great sword.

Also, the shield in your hand helps you to open the vaults and discover the treasure. But, be careful while going through the mysterious way so that you can’t get trapped.

Furthermore, this playset has fascinating extra features which you like the most. Too, these are traps, ladders, stunning secrets, and a lot of fun to enjoy the game.

Treasure Kings Gold Tomb

Dig and Discover Treasure 

Also, The King’s tomb contains a number of digs and gold to discover. With its magic rock, unreleased the two Mini Beats by digging through the sword. Now, save the king by smashing through the wood. The king might be bleeding, get the bandage through the magic rock and lots more to unwrap.

Smash the Glasses to Enter

Scratch the quest by smashing through the glass with your sword and blinking the eyes to unlock the King’s tomb.

Guaranteed Gold

In spite of smashing, The most popular place in terms of guaranteed gold where the little kids can find the gold-dipped treasures and much more! Unravel the vault to explore the crown which has real gold.

Solve the Hidden Secrets, Avoid the Traps

Before unlocking the vault, there are hidden treasures that get by solving a series of mysterious puzzles. As much as possible, you should try to avoid traps and critters to find keys such as a sword which is used to open the King’s tomb. So are you ready to explore the hidden treasure?

Protect Your Treasure to Battle with Your Collection

Last but not least, besides other features, the traps are a more exciting thing. With the trapdoor, the falling bridge and the wall crusher is protecting the Treasure Tomb from the other Treasure Theft. Moreover, it added more excitement to battle with all the Treasure Hunters.

Unwrapping the box, you can get

  • A package is full of features such as traps, dig experience, secret doors, dig experience, and full of mysteries vault.
  • Real gold-dipped treasure in every treasure king’s tomb is guaranteed in each playset.
  • The playset presents an exclusive list of the figurine, including King gold crown as well as the hero of the tomb.
  • This tomb of treasure closes the shut for transportation quickly along with removable vessels for you to store the magic rock by digging.
  • Be careful about the critters which can lurk you behind as some of the trapdoors have within.
  • Ten levels of enjoyable adventures
  • 24 action figures way to find the treasure
  • Eight different teams of characters to collect
  • Includes maps, a variety of digging tools, coins to help discover your treasures!
  • Rip, dig and fizz your way to discover the treasure

Note: This playset is not recommended for children under three as it has little pieces.

The Conclusion

Finally, a great fun featured playset comes with real gold-dipped treasure that let you unlock the King’s tomb and get the endless treasure. Hidden secrets and puzzles to solve and avoid traps and much more. Are you ready to find the real gold-dipped treasure in Treasure Kings Gold Tomb playset? This game is ideal for the kids having age five years or above. Moreover, it is recommended that don’t play with these playsets as it included little pieces that can harm yours, under-five children.

Recommendation age: 5 years and above



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