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Little Tikes 2-in-1 Food Truck Deluxe Role Play. Kids like this toy because of its incredible features. Do you know it? Your kid is going to enjoy this great toy available at reasonable rates — stationary food truck and kitchen in one.

Its central Role of Playing Type is Cooking. It Comes with detachable technology. The Little Tikes 2 in 1 Truck of Food is something different than the old-style play kitchen. It has various features like running a little shop, driving a nutrition truck, and cook’s food that clients demand.

It includes the following items:

  • A delightful mini kitchen, equipped with refrigerator, Microwave, basin along with a notepad Position for customers to place their orders.
  • Cash Register and write instructions on a notepad
  • Bell rings when the order completes
  • Routing wheel with working siren
  • The play soda fountain, oven, microwave and fridge

Like the real truck of food, in this toy features, the chef can set the rules of the car and take care of all of the orders to provide excellent services. Correctly filled. Food truck extra food items are also included in this set, like hot dogs, hamburgers and even yummy and delicious ice cream for its customers.

The Little Tikes 2 in 1 Food Truck

The sheet on top of the food truck can be used on one side for food and be turned to the other hand if your children want to be an ice cream truck in its place.

 As a parent, it’s the little details that itch me, like the awning swinging the food truck, the specifics in the stickers sited around the car, the bell to ring when the food is ready and the ability to pack so many features in just one vehicle.


Several features of this toy will help your kid to enjoy playing time. Let me discuss some exciting features of this amusing truck!

  • Kids can even write their specials of the day on the included chalkboard in front of the food truck. Such consideration to feature is something we love in all Little Tikes foodstuffs.
  • It has two in one feature like occupied food truck and kitchen just in one automobile.
  • Comes with 20+ play food accessories including yummy ice cream, a delicious hotdog, hamburger, finger diet and many more
  • The playset has its fridge and oven that is definite to save your little one bowed for times.
  • The kitchen has a chalkboard in which your little one (director) can take down his orders. This play kitchen makes for the superlative gift for your toddlers. Playtime has never been this fun!
  • This fantastic truck overall dimension is 47.5 inches (H) x 21.0 inches (W) x 33.0 inches (D).
  • Amazingly, the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Food Truck Deluxe comes with two colors as red and Sky blue.
  • Alterable signage with two themes – Ice Cream and Hot Dogs.
  • This fantastic Little Tikes 2 in 1 Food Truck is for children age 3+.

It comes with many features, but I have mentioned some exciting ones. Your child can enjoy other features as well at the time of playing with it. 


Not play around kids having age three years or less than three years.

It does take a while to smear all of the “stickers labels” so be ready when assembling.

Final Verdicts

Kids can let Food truck be their courteous host, and acquaint themselves with all the pleasure-filled inside the  Little Tikes 2 in 1 Food Truck flashing lights and sounds.

A Little Tikes 2-in-1 Food Truck Deluxe is perfect for kid’s ages three years or up. With its fresh and super exciting features, this beautiful truck full of foodstuffs is the best gift for your child enjoying the Christmas day beyond other days. Don’t forget to Come over too Little Tikes 2 in 1 Food Truck for a playdate that’s full of boundless wonders!

Your Kids will love to rustle up luxury with this cute and amusing play kitchen. Whether it’s toy burgers and hot dogs or ice creams and chocolate, there’s something in here for everybody. Let your kids own a decorative food truck with the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Food Truck Kitchen  Age: 6-9 Years.


The Air Hogs 2-in-2 Drone is like a blast across the sky. It can race at high speed on the ground. This land vehicle is ideal for the kids who have aged eight years or up. This speed racer is measured in 8” *13” *2.5”, this measuring is for both a land vehicle and flying drone. The drone is powered by a turbo drone engine having a breakneck speed on the land.

When it hits in any speed breaker, its detachable technology let it know to move forward without any lags. And if the land vehicle crash then if pops off for a surprise finish so that your opponents don’t see coming. And it can easily land by making it ready for the next take-off.

Unwrapping the box, you can get 1 Air Hogs 2-in-1 Hyper Drift Drone, a remote controller, a USB charger, instruction sheet, and spare propellers. By pressing the stunt button, you can see your drone twist into a 360-degree barrel roll.

The remote controller can control the speed of 2.4 GHz frequency band reachable up to 200 feet. It comes with a joystick offering four-channel control over the drone. It doesn’t matter either you are controlling outracing competitors or practicing tricky maneuvers by your own, but this drone ensures precise control.

Air Hogs 2-in-1 Hyper Drift Drone

A chargeable speedy drone does need 4 AAA batteries which are not included. It takes 30 minutes for a full charge, once you charge it fully.

Moreover, it is highly recommended to play with Air Hogs 2-in-1 Hyper Drift Drone in indoors only. As it presents with spare propellers, just in case there is an accident. Providing a wide range of frequency, you can control it generously.

Features Air Hogs Hyper Drift Drone

A number of features of this toy will help your kid to enjoy during playing time. Let me discuss some exciting features of this toy!

  • The fast 2-in-1 drone does fly along with racing on the land, and you feel like you are flying through the sky at high speed with the super detachable drone.
  • The speed of this drone demons’ heads to the race and the constructability. It ensures giving you at breakneck speed because it is equipped with turbo drone power engine so that you can break all records of racing whether you are a first-time flyer or a seasoned veteran.
  • Included auto take off as well as landing with a height lock that makes, you’re flying a cinch from take-off to landing.
  • It comes with a self-righting cage which let this drone land upright and ready to take-off even if it is landed after an epic crash! Right now, it is prepared to lift-off.
  • The kids who are eight years old will love to play with this super fact drone. This drone is chargeable that makes it last longer. Once you charge it fully it can run for minutes. It takes 30 minutes for charging. The 4 AAA batteries are required which does not come within its box.
  • It is suggested that kids play with this drone at home or indoor places. It offers the communication range of 200 ft and the range including 2.4 GHz.
  • Amazingly, the high-speed racer comes with two colors as green and blue which are controllable up to 200 ft.

It comes with many features but I have mentioned some exciting ones. Your child can enjoy other features as well at the time of playing with it. 

The Plus Points

  • Lift-off easily even after epic crash landing
  • Comes with detachable technology
  • 4 GHz controller offers precise manageability
  • Easy to fly

Things to Consider

  • It doesn’t provide useful material.
  • Not play around kids having age three years or less than three years.

The Final Verdicts

A combo Drone is perfect for kid’s ages eight years or up. With its fresh and super exciting features, this drone is the best gift for your child enjoying the Christmas day beyond other days. This racer blast across the ground at high speed. As featuring with detachable technology, it can give fast landing as well as ready to take-off even after the epic crashing. If your kid loves playing drones then 2-in-2 Hyper Drift Drown is the best gift ever.


The cutest short creation, meet the Little Live Wrapples. You ever love to connect with this little furry Slap Bracelets. They are ready to be your magical best friends. You can take them anywhere you want along with by just slapping on your wrists. There are about 50 different cutest reactions with motion and impressive sound effects. Play and get carried away!

This adorable little creation loves patting, and you can interact with them by chatting. This furry toy comes with four styles to collect including Flutta, Una, Skyo, and Princezza. These Wrapples are among the Hottest toys list in 2019. Get tons of hugs and thank you by getting them to your loved ones because Wrapples can’t wait to hang out with you!

Wrapple’s Features

There are four unique Wrapples available for you. Just collect them all and make an excellent choice for collectibles.

Take Your Wraple on the Go

Wrapples are loving to around you., slap around your wrist and take them with you anywhere. There is a Velcro strap that will fit enough around your wrist, and you feel like you have a furry best friend, that secure you as they don’t fall off!

Little Live Wrapples- Slap Bracelets

Light-up Eyes Show Your Wrapples Mood

These little furry friends lighten up their eyes when you play with them. Their eyes color turned bright green when they are happy. It illuminates red when they get grumpy.

Over 50 Sounds and different Reactions

When it comes to Wrapple’s reactions, you will happy to know that they have about 50 different opinions and impressive sounds. All you need to tickle their side to hear them and giggle them a secret and amazingly, they will chat back to you. You Wrapples loves to play!

Time for a Nap

Wrapples can sleep! Gently rock them upside down to put them to relax and hear them snore. They have come with different colors, collect the two Wrapples and wrap around your wrist together to listen to them chat, purr and even maybe sing a song for you!

Good Points

  • These interactive Wrapples are your faithful companion no matter where you want to go. Just slap them as bracelets, and she goes with you anywhere you want.
  • Bring them close together and let them chat, giggle, and even purring with each other.
  • Their eyes shine in green when they feel happy and turn into red when they are grumpy. They also love to sleep. You can hang them yo and down to have them to sleep.
  • As little Wrapples are slap bracelets having Velcro strap ensures to help securely fits your child’s wrist so that you can take it easy on the go.
  • They are cutest; this attractiveness keeps your child preoccupied. As they love you, so they can teach your kid to love and to care.
  • Each Wrapples measures 9.4 by 2.2 by 2 inches and weighs 2.2 pounds.
  • Featuring with interactive moments sensors when you pet them, they giggle and purr.
  • They come with 2 AAA batteries which are not included.

Things to Consider

There is not a single con when it comes to Little Live Wrapples because they are sweetest to play with and cutest to wear furry wrist pets. But you might be confusing when you decide which one is adorable to get wrist pet toys.

The Conclusion

The little furry loveable Wrapples are wrist pets promise to take care of toys for kids list with recommendations as to the ever best hottest toy where it is Christmas or any other occasion. As they are attractive as well as interactive, so they had proved to be hit when they came into the market. And now they are among the fast-selling gift. Your child did not want only one furry Wrapple as they are cutest so they love to collect them all too fluent to their friends.

Recommended age: 5 to 15 years 


A battle-action toy AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro including two blasters design to pick from such as DeltaBurst NERF Laser Ops Pro and AlphaPoint NERF Laser Pro. Each blaster comes with colorful lights and impressive sound effects. They also offer splendid unlimited ammo and quick reload button. Moreover, they offer indicators which tell you about your health, ammo, and team.

The two blasters let you connect with a free mobile app offering performance tracking and battle states.

Attractive Features that you get from AlphaPoint NERF Laser Ops Pro

Everything that you need to make all head-to-head battle action game is provided by this toy. There are some attractive features so that you don’t have to worry about finding every draft afterward. These features include:

  • Each blaster comes with different dimensions such as the dimension of DeltaBrust is 2.6 by 27 by 10 inches, and the size of AlphaPoint blaster is 2.6 by 12.1 by 8.6 inches. The AlphaPoint blaster is somewhat lighter as well as smaller weighing 1.41 pounds whereas DeltaBrust weighs 3 pounds.
  • When it comes to triggering pull, the AlphaPoint NERF Laser fires out single-shot IR Brust’s while the DeltaBrusts NERF Laser fires multi-shot bursts making their own impressive sounds effects and light.
  • A free mobile app where its LCD screen lets you see details about health status and ammo capacity on DeltaBrust Laser Pro while AlphaPoint Laser Pro, the light displays ammo along with health status.
  • There is unlimited ammo in each blaster. You also have a quick reload button that replenishes the supply in both blasters.
  • Play modes available to choose from with an indoor and outdoor switch including team face-off or free-for-all features in the two blasters.
  • In each blaster, it is included that they come with armband for your smartphone offering amplified play through the free NERF Laser Ops Pro Blasters app.
  • Another exciting feature is included in both blasters as they present single attachments.

Plus Points

  • Both blasters use the same technology while shooting or detecting a hit. Whether AlphaPoint is smaller or the DelraBrust is markedly bigger, the two have the same setup procedure to follow and buttons during battle. That’s why, while selecting a blaster, you should know the gameplay environments and then choose the closets preference.
  • But DeltaBrush Blaster is providing the most significant feature, which is the LCD screen. The LCD Screen each detail regarding health power or ammo information while playing. Similarly, the AlphaPoint let you know through light about ammo and health details. The other signific fact choosing one over the other is, the AlphaPoints Blaster provided a single-shot firing, as well as the DeltaBrust Blaster, offers to fires out three shots while in each trigging pull.
  • Laser technology over darts means there is no need to reloads darts or clean them up after playing, and both blasters come with this Laser technology. It also ensures that you have a rare chance of hitting opponents with where you shouldn’t.
  • The two blasters allow you a full distance range and accuracy. But it does help you to play indoor and outdoor modes along with team face-off modes and solo attachments.

Thing to Consider

It is worth considering that both blasters have impressive sound effects, but they can not be turned off and may fall on the louder side. It requires 8 AA alkaline batteries which are not available in both blasters.

The Conclusion

This toy is worth adding to your gadgets collection. You can also make its collection by getting single or a couple of these blasters to have blast fun. The recommended age is eight years or up to play it with your friends or family. If you want to enjoy unlimited ammo and a functional health status then these blaster is a perfect choice Recommended Age: 8years or up


All-in-one gift! The biggest Bubbly Surprise in the list of Bubbly Surprise. You have no idea what you are going to get. This is the most appealing gift for girls who love purses. In its core, you well known about L.O.L surprises, but it is the other treat that makes you like it.

Let’s get to know it!

It’s a carrying case full of sparkle. Yes! It comes with two different colors, such as orange and pink. Are you excited about it? Let’s reveal more surprises inside it.

Each Bubbly surprise comes with hidden surprises.

Here is orange LOL surprise, let’s explore!

  • Shiny shorts
  • Trendy shirts
  • Mermaid tail
  • Outfit
  • Glittery shoes
  • Orange heart case
  • Bottle accessory
  • Pet
  • Tots doll
L.O.L. Surprise! Bubbly Surprise

In pink LOL Bubbly Surprise

All surprises that are included in orange LOL Surprise instead of mermaid tail, there are hats for tots little toys. Trendy colorful skirts rather than shorts. The rest of the surprises are the same as Pet, shoes, etc.

Exclusively designed each L.O.L Surprises Dolls and Pet comes with a heart-shaped gemstone. Around the heart, there is six treat encased within surprises balls to unveil. A sparkling case that you can use as a purse, playset, and a storage case.

Unwrapping it to have more fun, there is a super cold moldable kinetic sand, it feels like wet, but it just sticks. Cool things this, it never dries. The surprises ball are in the water, unveil it to get what is hidden inside.

The heart shape gemstone has a doll stuffed inside. When it comes to unveiling the pet, there is a bath bomb, but it isn’t meant for use in this regard.

Great, great surprises! Each LOL Bubbly Surprise has one exclusive tots dolls and one unique pet.

Inside the wrapped box: You can get one exclusive LOL Bubble Surprise doll and pet, 6 more surprises are awaiting by opening surprises ball and digging through sand you’ll get all, sparkly case is usable for both as playset or as purse, 2 colors available such as pink or orange but colors and styles may vary.


Let’s explore some features!

Unwrap Bubbly Surprise

There are over six surprises by opening surprises balls to unwrap.

Dunk or Dig for Surprises

Kinetic sand in water by digging or dunking and guess what you get? There are more hidden surprises to unveil.

Glitter Case turns into Purse

The sparkly case can be used for both purposes, such as a purse or as playset.

It’s always a treat to unveil LOL Surprises

It’s worth to unwrap such a great surprise whether it is kid or adult can resist the anticipation. Picking up to sift through the sand or dunk the heart-shaped gemstone in water to watch it fizz out the surprises is another treat on its own.

As this case is used for both as a purse or as playset so that your daughter can carry out easily. Additionally, there are also some essentially more gifts within one big case.

A customize choice is available for your ease so that you can get a pink one or orange one to match with the personality whom you want to buy.

Is the LOL Bubbly Surprise Worth It?

This sparkle case is ideal for kids between 6 to 13 years old. The bath-bomb-type heart-shaped surprise is the highlight of the set, but when it comes to dunked in water, it unleashes a somewhat chemical smell. It is not suitable under three years age or only used for domestic use.

Note: Fizz is not for bathtub use, it is good that don’t touch fizz until it is fully dissolved.

The Final Verdict

The most appealing sparkling case on the best gifts lists every year. I observed that kids, as well as teenage girls, love it the most. This gift is amazingly different as nobody will guess what is going to get from inside it. Get a bright purse and also use as a playset!


Robo Wunderkind Robot Kit is a programmable robot where your kids learn many things just by snapping blocks. While playing, kids can level up coding skills through engaging hands-on play. This award-winning modular kit comes with different colorful colors that relate to their functions. The super colored blocks making it easy to play for kids to correctly plan and create their imaginations by the helping of visual symbols. The mesmerizing design let your kid become an inventor.

 Little Colored Robo Wunderkind Robots for Big Feature

As gaming technology rapidly changes, and so do the learning experiences. This toy lets your kid master in necessary coding skills and developed abstract thinking. As well as you kid also learn coding, computation, problem solving and innovation. Most importantly, without having programming classes, learn code intuitively and naturally around your room.

It is one of the best toys that are simple colored-coded cubic blocks to make sense of creation. The red color is for distance sensor, the orange color is for controlling, and the blue for the motor. Use two free intuitive apps to steer and control over your toy. It makes the programming world easy, just snapping block together and dragging icons apps. Ergonomically designed sensors and motor which keep it moving, make sound and when you interact with it as it can react. Build and rebuild the robot by connecting colored blocks and maximize your learning skills.

Robo Wunderkind Robotics Kit Toys

By using Robo Workshop app, kids can build a light roller, a flashlight, and even a driver. Change the coding by changing the LED light; you can also add sounds and control your toy remotely from your Smartphone.

Another Robo live app, using the controller commands on the app interface, your kid makes a bunch of fun and learns code. The controlling robot of t includes blinking, turning, and manufacturing of sounds.

LEGO Compatible

This robot is also compatible with LEGO bricks., snap them into the included adapter. Another way is, insert the LEGO pieces inside the building blocks and limitless building possibilities are there for you.

Steer and code

There are two free intuitive apps available that can steer or control the robot without interacting using verbal language. It is accessible to programmable and makes lots of sounds during the interaction. Your kids need to pick and perform actions corresponding to code and drag and drop them by creating a particular arrangement.

Play and learn

This robot is for both fun and educational. While playing, kids can learn the critical concept of coding and engineering as well as develop logical and arithmetic thinking. The benefits are endless; you kids will also learn problem-solving and excellent motor skills. 

Connect Block and Build Robot

 Easily usable, just by connecting simple block your kid can build a robot. This robot is recommended for age five years to 10 years to turn sophisticated technology into a simple fun game. Make robot by snapping colorful modules together, build and rebuild, just smooth moves and enjoy great fun. There are also LEGO connectors to maximize your build.

Why You Should Grab This Toy for Kids

There is some reason for buying this toy for your kid are:

  • A best and faster way to learn to code while playing
  • It makes the kids think logically as each step of colored blocks let your kid know problem-solving techniques and sequence of learning.
  • As it has a coll design, also it is child-friendly.
  • There are limitless possibilities of building and playing, just in one box.

Worth Nothing

  • Like the other robots, the Robo Wunderkit Robot is emotionless; it wouldn’t emphasize when you are experiencing certain emotions.
  • It can make addictive sense in other chores or assignments.
  • In case, if any block is defective, the entire product is worth nothing and has to be replaced.

The Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best toys. The Robo Wunderkinds Robotics Kits introduce your child with new technologies as well as making kids creative. It is only for the kids, but adults can also take part over playtime as it is both for fun and educational. This toy is highly recommended and among one of the best hottest gadgets in 2019.

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