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An award-winning coding robot that ignites curiosity and passion younger’s imagination and creativity in a playful theme. It works with other coding applications. If you want to teach your kids coding skills then Artie 3000 is the best educational robot toy. Best yet, no other gift can beat this toy, whether its birthday occasion or the holidays. So let’s look at what introduction of Artie 3000 make it featured on just about every best robot top 2019 lists. 

Introducing Artie

Loaded with visual programming software with pre-programmed design, shapes, games, a quick guide, and three cards. This toy lets your children learn them coding with fun operations. 

Artie comes with three start design such as natural, medium, and hard. Kids have to choose any useful cards and use instructions to start coding. As if your child is too younger then the secure card is best, but there are various other pre-programmed options like shapes, games, etc.

Educational Insights Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

There are four colors markers included. It can use it to draw some lines and shapes. Recently, Artie joined Mensa where it emphasizes on STEM education and robotics. STEM aims to polish crucial activities in kids to teach them, help them, and developed competencies through gameplay.

It comes with a remote control responds to a mouse or arrow keys to move the mouse in all direction as Artie will also run in all directions.

Introducing Kids to Coding

This Coding robot introduces your kids with a creative way of coding from basic to critical tech skills. The guideline in the app is specifically helpful for younger kids who just getting started with coding.

It works with built-in apps where you can look at what Artie draw and what you designed. The best opportunity for beginners to avail it by pulling the lines with programmed designed. Featuring with drag and drop functions so that you can code easily with fun.

There is no internet connection needed as it has built-in WI-FI server. All you need to get a tablet, computer or Smartphone to connect Artie. Including pre-coded designs and advanced coding apps to all youngers to grow with. 

This robot can watch, draw line by line, move forward or backward and spinning where he wants in any direction by liting or lowering four thin-tip. It is pre-programmed with plenty of shapes, numbers, letters, games, and line-art by using different coloring.

Unwrapping the box: you can get one Artie 3000 the Coding Robot manufactured by Educational Insight, four washable makers, a quick start guide, and activity cards. It requires 4 AA batteries which are not included. It is recommended to use this toy for kids ages seven years or up.

Worth Nothing When Grabbing one of These Coding Bots

  • It is highly recommended by the manufactures for kids age between 7 to 12, but if under seven ages kids used this toy then they can face trouble and need more supervision.
  • The little angles might have some other problems such as navigating. As the users have control over the apps, and they might, in general not fully grasp the essence of the coding toy.
  • But not a bigger fish to fry, while the robot draws on papers that you lay down under its feet, it’s the best to tape them down to get straighter lines.
  • A major con is it comes without batteries, and you need 4 AA batteries to power up.

The Final Words

Have you ever dreamed about a coding toy? Or want you learn code line by line? The learning process, as well as much-needed fun, injects into a child through this Educational robot. This toy is one of the best educational toys which sparks your child’s curiosity about coding. You have complete control over it. Lastly, this fun toy let your kid grow while learning the valuable complexities of coding. 

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