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Toy Story 4 Imaginext Buzz Bot


A spaceship, a playset, and a robot are all included in one-character name as Buzz. If you ever have seen the all-time favorite animated movie, ‘The Toy Story’ then you well aware of the Buzz character. The Buzz comes with a removable spaceship, a playset, and a launchpad. You can switch it on the button placed in its chest and find the space command center inside.

Toy Story 4 Imaginext Buzz Bot

It is loaded with a missile launcher in its right arm. There are three ports, including three extra projectiles/ Missiles. While its left wings featured with a movable claw that can reach down to grab Minnie figures. Then collected items dropped off into the cargo hold in the left foot.

There is also a fixed-wing glider on its back that lets both arms to move forward and backward and can rotate 45-degree angle.

As it comes with Buzz figure where you have to place it in spaceship cocktail then light it up by turning the button on. Wings will be open when turn the power pad and launch to blast off manually. 

Inside the box: you can get a Buzz lightyear figure, alien space figure, removable spaceship, and three projectiles.

This incredible Toy Story 4 makes a great addition in the collection of your kid toys. Let’s have some exciting features!

Launch Intergalactic Adventures with Buzz Lightyear

This toy is not all about firing missile; there is everything that a little space ranger needs to explore the world. They can create a new world in their imagination, whether it is your living room or any other place. Kids will make storylines and recreate them with this action-packed robot!

Imagine What’s Next Toy Story 4 Imaginext

Imaginext is absolutely for preschoolers to teach them how to be brave, wild, and bring their adventurous storyline to life. They can make their imaginative characters and learn that imagination has no boundary. They can take you to another new world where you can create new adventurous.

Action-packed Imaginext

This little action-packed Imaginext is always ready to blast off. As kids still love to discover new adventures and this toy let your child create their own exciting Disney Pixar Toy Story adventures. Featuring with a projectile launcher, retractable claw arm, and hidden jail cell will excite your kid. It will let your child discover the new world full of your dreamed adventures., your kids have to imagine what’s next.

The Good

  • The Imaginext Buzz Bot has fascinating features that are fully functional for kids to play with the prisoner encloser, the extra Minnie Figures, firing missiles, and the working claw.
  • Kids always love to watch animated movies, and this toy is based on such film that keeps it smart and exciting. If your kids have seen this movie, then try to mimic the Buzz character when playing with the Buzz Bot.
  • The Buzz Bot makes an incredible addition to the entire collection. The exciting thing about this is, kids can play with different characters of the set.
  • This toy helps to improve the creativity of your child as it comes up with different colorful features. Like as kids can collect Minnie Figures such as alien figure which let you hook with and drop down on the left side of the Buzz Bot. Therefore, they can make their own toy story by using its amazing features.

Things to Consider

  • If you compare the Buzz Bot with other to toys that are available in the market, The Imaginext Buzz Bot is smaller in size.
  • It is recommended that the children under age 3, don’t play with it because it has small parts which can cause a choking hazard. Such as when opening the chest bot you need to turn the power pad on and computer monitors in the toy’s space command center. But it is suitable for kids ages four years or up to play with it.

The Final Verdict

The Imaginext Buzz Bot has nice and chunky features which are beyond infinity. So are you ready to blast off? And if your kids have seen the Toy Story Movie series, then it is the best choice that will make fun for hours out of the world’s gift.



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