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SWAK Sealed With a Kiss Keychain For Kids


Ever best birthday gift for teenage girls is SWAK Sealed with a Kiss Keychain from WowWee. This kissable keychain makes it easy to give a kiss or get a kiss. It comes with kiss tech, a mwah sound that detects your cheeks and gives a kiss as long as you want.  The longer you hold it, the longer it lasts!

Kiss Keychain Tech

The built-in kiss technology detects your face and gives a kiss on your cheeks. The longer you grab it, the longer you’ll get a kiss.

Unwrap the whole package and get 12 uniquely designed kiss chains. These design range from as following:

  • Glimmer Kiss as think pink
  • Gold Kiss as all that glimmers
  • Glitz “N” Kiss as glam it up
  • XO Kiss as shaking it up
  • Mermaid Sparkle Kiss as make a splash
  • Stellar Kiss as love is out there
  • Shimmer Kiss as shine on
  • Tropical Kiss as bring on the sun
  • The Dye Kiss as Rock and LOL
  • The Perfect Kiss as hear me roar
  • Retro Kiss as be bold
  • Unicorn Sparkle Kiss as dream big

These 12 colorful kisses are available for you to pick. The keychain is not enough about kisses. You can also wear this keychain as stylish accessories around your neck or arm. Apart from this, hang them on your bag to make a gorgeous look.

Kiss Keychain

Unwrap the box and get one kissable keychain with a unique mwah sound, a postcard, and a sticker.

SWAK Sealed With a Kiss Keychain loaded with innovative features. Let’s look at!

Share the Love Kiss Keychain

Express your love by giving a kiss! Kiss is a perfect way to share your passion. To send the right type of kiss to your loved ones along with a personalized message. The best thing is, each customized kiss comes with a collectible postcard and sticker.

Show Off Your Crew

These 12 kiss key chains are customizable. You can add a photo or card with SWAK Kissable Keychain when you are sending it as a gift. One of the ever best way to show how much you love your BFF’s.

One for You, One for Me

Each kissable kiss chain comes with a unique design as well as unique Mwah sound. Pick it that suits to your personality.

Clip and Carry

Get a perfect add-on to any look by hanging kissable kiss chain on your bag or your sweater. It’s up to your choice. 

Collectible postcard and stickers

As each kissable kiss chain presents a postcard and sticker. This postcard and sticker will help you to write a secret message to your lover whether he/she is near or far. Why you send a birthday card when a kissable kiss chain comes with a postcard or sticker to wish your loved ones.

Good Points

Amazingly, there are a bunch of aspects that make the kissable kiss chain one of the best gifts for teenage girls. Some of the good points that work to its favor are as follows:

  • There are multiple benefits for having a kissable kiss chain. Additionally, these kiss chains are the best accessories or a photo/card mount.
  • There are buttons and batteries for using that lasts long. If your battery is dead, you can easily replace the battery without face any complications. Moreover, there is also a battery saver mode of up to 5 minutes exists lengthening battery life.
  • On and off button, if you want to get a kiss with sound, then press on the button. Similarly, if you’re going to get a kiss without noise, then press on the off button.
  • Besides all the above, it is one of the affordable gifts.

Things to Consider

Regardless of the good points, this product has a few points that you have worth considering it.

  • Be careful; if you have three years kid in your home, this is because they may be tempted to swallow the keychain causing choking.
  • The stamps that are available in the package cannot be used to send envelopes or mail as the marks are not authorized.

The Conclusion

The adorable kissable keychain gift is recommended for girls age 5 to 15. Unlike other awards, this kiss chain is ever the best toy to make fun, collect, share, wear, even as a display. Get a little more Mwah to you love ones!



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