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L.O.L. Surprise! Bubbly Surprise

All-in-one gift! The biggest Bubbly Surprise in the list of Bubbly Surprise. You have no idea what you are going to get. This is the most appealing gift for girls who love purses. In its core, you well known about L.O.L surprises, but it is the other treat that makes you like it.

Let’s get to know it!

It’s a carrying case full of sparkle. Yes! It comes with two different colors, such as orange and pink. Are you excited about it? Let’s reveal more surprises inside it.

Each Bubbly surprise comes with hidden surprises.

Here is orange LOL surprise, let’s explore!

  • Shiny shorts
  • Trendy shirts
  • Mermaid tail
  • Outfit
  • Glittery shoes
  • Orange heart case
  • Bottle accessory
  • Pet
  • Tots doll
L.O.L. Surprise! Bubbly Surprise

In pink LOL Bubbly Surprise

All surprises that are included in orange LOL Surprise instead of mermaid tail, there are hats for tots little toys. Trendy colorful skirts rather than shorts. The rest of the surprises are the same as Pet, shoes, etc.

Exclusively designed each L.O.L Surprises Dolls and Pet comes with a heart-shaped gemstone. Around the heart, there is six treat encased within surprises balls to unveil. A sparkling case that you can use as a purse, playset, and a storage case.

Unwrapping it to have more fun, there is a super cold moldable kinetic sand, it feels like wet, but it just sticks. Cool things this, it never dries. The surprises ball are in the water, unveil it to get what is hidden inside.

The heart shape gemstone has a doll stuffed inside. When it comes to unveiling the pet, there is a bath bomb, but it isn’t meant for use in this regard.

Great, great surprises! Each LOL Bubbly Surprise has one exclusive tots dolls and one unique pet.

Inside the wrapped box: You can get one exclusive LOL Bubble Surprise doll and pet, 6 more surprises are awaiting by opening surprises ball and digging through sand you’ll get all, sparkly case is usable for both as playset or as purse, 2 colors available such as pink or orange but colors and styles may vary.


Let’s explore some features!

Unwrap Bubbly Surprise

There are over six surprises by opening surprises balls to unwrap.

Dunk or Dig for Surprises

Kinetic sand in water by digging or dunking and guess what you get? There are more hidden surprises to unveil.

Glitter Case turns into Purse

The sparkly case can be used for both purposes, such as a purse or as playset.

It’s always a treat to unveil LOL Surprises

It’s worth to unwrap such a great surprise whether it is kid or adult can resist the anticipation. Picking up to sift through the sand or dunk the heart-shaped gemstone in water to watch it fizz out the surprises is another treat on its own.

As this case is used for both as a purse or as playset so that your daughter can carry out easily. Additionally, there are also some essentially more gifts within one big case.

A customize choice is available for your ease so that you can get a pink one or orange one to match with the personality whom you want to buy.

Is the LOL Bubbly Surprise Worth It?

This sparkle case is ideal for kids between 6 to 13 years old. The bath-bomb-type heart-shaped surprise is the highlight of the set, but when it comes to dunked in water, it unleashes a somewhat chemical smell. It is not suitable under three years age or only used for domestic use.

Note: Fizz is not for bathtub use, it is good that don’t touch fizz until it is fully dissolved.

The Final Verdict

The most appealing sparkling case on the best gifts lists every year. I observed that kids, as well as teenage girls, love it the most. This gift is amazingly different as nobody will guess what is going to get from inside it. Get a bright purse and also use as a playset!



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