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Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Mini Playset For Girls


Let’s keep secrets in adorably designed Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Mini Playlist. Currently, Shopkins have 6 different colorful playsets to collect.  Amongst them, there is beautiful Lil mini playset that exposes a bubbling beauty spa day.

Secrets Mini Playset For Kids

The whole hidden new world filled with more beautiful things where you can enter by cracking a code to unlock a spa day. Let’s begin the world of secrets to open magical lockets.

Lil’ Mini Playset comes with pop-up invitations that kids use to reveal the code they need. Kids avail a chance to interact with Shopkins to unlock a world of tiny surprises. Collect all the Shopkins as well as Shoppies to make a bunch of fun!

You are featuring with secret hiding places such as gumball machine and candy display. Keep hiding your Shopkin and a slide for your Teeny Shoppie and Tine Shopkin.

There are chances to get to complete party pop-ups collection as Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Mini Playset has six different playsets to get. These included as Peacock Gala, Lovely Hearts Garden Party, Princess Hair Salon, Genie’s D’lisj Wish Café and Fab Fairy Fashions. Also don’t forget teeny Shoppies too because these gorgeous lockets come with a necklace so that you can comfortably wear it whenever or wherever you are going.

Secrets Mini Playset

Inside the box: there is one secret lock, one teeny Shoppie, one tiny Shopkin, and one secret map.

Let’s explore its captivating feature!

The World of Shopiville

Explore the little world of Shopkins that is small enough to fit in your palm.

Teeny Shoppie

This Lil’s world is not complete without teeny Shoppies. Discover 8 Shoppies, and the exciting thing is each comes with its Shoppie and a necklace. Blow!

Crack a Lock

Unveils a Mini playset by using the included map to crack the lock.

Secret Code

Unwrap the adorable Shopkins to reveal the secret code. Try your luck; you might unlock one of four ultra-rare, exclusive finishes! Glitters, fluffy, pearl, or metallic? So, can you keep the secrets?

Treasures of surprises

Everything of mini playset has to scratch off. The playsets have great surprises in it’s underneath the Jacuzzi and seashells for kids.

Which shop will you unlock?

From Shopiville, there is a tiny shop to reveal by opening your playset. To unveil a shop, you may have

  • Lippy Lula Makeup Salon
  • Daisy Petals Pretty Flower shop
  • Pretty Paw’s Pet Salon
  • Donatina’s Donut shop
  • Lolita Pop’s So Sweet Candy Shop
  • Jessicake’s Great Bakes Cupcake shop

Plus Points

As expected, Shopkins have been rating top-notch toys in 2020-2021. Loaded with plenty of good things, including:

  • Comes with tons of secret surprises that the kids can delightfully discover.
  • The mini playsets are for growing aged child as up to 5 years and as old as 15 years.
  • I have included with a collector’s guide where users can add what they need to complete to do to complete the collection.
  • Shopkins’ set is not heavy weighing only 44 pounds so that child can take the toy set anywhere they want without too much trouble.

What to Have in Mind

The top-notch toys have not too many bad points but some parents, as well as child, don’t like this toy set. These unlikeable aspects are written as:

  • Thus, all of Lil’s playsets are separately sold. If your child wants all the games then you have to spend more money to get all.
  • The playset may not ship to all location across globally from a majority of online stores.
  • Last but not least, this set is full of small pieces, so it is recommended they don’t play around the underage three years kid.

The Conclusion

Such a vast hidden secret tiny world that shows excellent things come in small packages. The Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Mini Playset is one of the best toys for the age of above five years. Having captivating features let you, child, to play with hours and hours of playtime. Go to grab loads of surprises and adventure opportunities.

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