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Robo Wunderkind Robotics Kit Toys For kids


Robo Wunderkind Robot Kit is a programmable robot where your kids learn many things just by snapping blocks. While playing, kids can level up coding skills through engaging hands-on play. This award-winning modular kit comes with different colorful colors that relate to their functions. The super colored blocks making it easy to play for kids to correctly plan and create their imaginations by the helping of visual symbols. The mesmerizing design let your kid become an inventor.

 Little Colored Robo Wunderkind Robots for Big Feature

As gaming technology rapidly changes, and so do the learning experiences. This toy lets your kid master in necessary coding skills and developed abstract thinking. As well as you kid also learn coding, computation, problem solving and innovation. Most importantly, without having programming classes, learn code intuitively and naturally around your room.

It is one of the best toys that are simple colored-coded cubic blocks to make sense of creation. The red color is for distance sensor, the orange color is for controlling, and the blue for the motor. Use two free intuitive apps to steer and control over your toy. It makes the programming world easy, just snapping block together and dragging icons apps. Ergonomically designed sensors and motor which keep it moving, make sound and when you interact with it as it can react. Build and rebuild the robot by connecting colored blocks and maximize your learning skills.

Robo Wunderkind Robotics Kit Toys

By using Robo Workshop app, kids can build a light roller, a flashlight, and even a driver. Change the coding by changing the LED light; you can also add sounds and control your toy remotely from your Smartphone.

Another Robo live app, using the controller commands on the app interface, your kid makes a bunch of fun and learns code. The controlling robot of t includes blinking, turning, and manufacturing of sounds.

LEGO Compatible

This robot is also compatible with LEGO bricks., snap them into the included adapter. Another way is, insert the LEGO pieces inside the building blocks and limitless building possibilities are there for you.

Steer and code

There are two free intuitive apps available that can steer or control the robot without interacting using verbal language. It is accessible to programmable and makes lots of sounds during the interaction. Your kids need to pick and perform actions corresponding to code and drag and drop them by creating a particular arrangement.

Play and learn

This robot is for both fun and educational. While playing, kids can learn the critical concept of coding and engineering as well as develop logical and arithmetic thinking. The benefits are endless; you kids will also learn problem-solving and excellent motor skills. 

Connect Block and Build Robot

 Easily usable, just by connecting simple block your kid can build a robot. This robot is recommended for age five years to 10 years to turn sophisticated technology into a simple fun game. Make robot by snapping colorful modules together, build and rebuild, just smooth moves and enjoy great fun. There are also LEGO connectors to maximize your build.

Why You Should Grab This Toy for Kids

There is some reason for buying this toy for your kid are:

  • A best and faster way to learn to code while playing
  • It makes the kids think logically as each step of colored blocks let your kid know problem-solving techniques and sequence of learning.
  • As it has a coll design, also it is child-friendly.
  • There are limitless possibilities of building and playing, just in one box.

Worth Nothing

  • Like the other robots, the Robo Wunderkit Robot is emotionless; it wouldn’t emphasize when you are experiencing certain emotions.
  • It can make addictive sense in other chores or assignments.
  • In case, if any block is defective, the entire product is worth nothing and has to be replaced.

The Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best toys. The Robo Wunderkinds Robotics Kits introduce your child with new technologies as well as making kids creative. It is only for the kids, but adults can also take part over playtime as it is both for fun and educational. This toy is highly recommended and among one of the best hottest gadgets in 2019.



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