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Promises Pinky Plush Interactive Toys 2019


The little pom-pom Promises Pink Plush is loveable. This toy is smart and cute enough that what small angles need. All this toy needs love, and the exciting thing is, it gives love back in returns.

Promises react when you shake them, pet them, or touch them. These cuddly Promises have more than 50 different reactions. When they purr, you can feel it. There is a brush with each Promise that keeps its fur soft and pretty.

There are eleven Promises such as

  • Pinky
  • Snowball
  • Blossom
  • Speckles
  • Patches
  • Boots
  • Kali
  • Sherbert
  • Lulu Puppy
  • Koala
  • Zoey Dragon

Promises Talk to You

As they have 50 or up to different actions including hungry, sneezy, silly or super happy. When they feel they light up their eyes and sparkle to let you know what they are feeling as well as what they need.

Love the, and returned it Back

Promises are your best friends; you can tell them every secret; you can say anything. They are safe. These loveable and wearable little pom-poms are cute enough and make cutest reactions when you shake them, cuddle them, and pet them.

Promises Pink Plush

Pet Them

Try to put them on their heads, back, nose and get silly reactions. Keep petting them and gets cuddly results.

Feed Them

Do you know they feel hunger? Yes! Grumble! They feel hunger, and they make a sound so that you can feed them. Just tap them on the mouth to feed them.

Dance with Them

Want smart moves? They will sing songs as faster you dance and shake.

Wear, Where, and Anywhere

Yes! You can wear them as a fashionable accessory. Also, you can wrap their tail around your wrist. As they make perfect fashion accessories. Wherever and anywhere you can use them!

Attractive Features

The soft fur pretty pom-poms Promises allowing these features. These include

  • Each little pom-pom is measured in 6 by three by 9 inches
  • The weight of Promises approximately 5.6 inches
  • That have built-in sensors when you poke and shake them; they react in such a cute way.
  • Each features a twist and lock tail transforming it into a stylish accessory
  • This toy comes with one battery that is included in its package.
  • It comes with a brush so that their tail remain fur and pretty.

Good Points Promises Pink Plush

A beautiful, as well as interactive toy featuring to teach your kid how to care for someone else. These little Promises want to love and attention to keep them happy. You can feed them when they feel hunger by tapping to their mouths to feed. They also need rest when they are tired. These are all intelligent behavior so that your little kid learns into adulthood.

Such a lovable kind of toy that you would never get tired of them. They can talk to you in their way. When you cuddle with them or pet on their nose, head, back, they feel love. By making own pretty noises they let you know you when they are hungry, sneezy, tired, cold or even happy.

When you move or shake, they happily sing a song for you. The faster you drive, the quicker they sing. Just invite your friends to enjoy special freeze dance mode.

Their tail uses as to lock onto the bag, wrist and make a stylish bracelet, and you can take along with you on the go.

Things to Consider

It depends who your kid handles them; the soft Promises are prone to shed their fur. At its battery area, there is a tag that should remove so that the toy’s functions are electronically sound.

The Final Verdict

If you have little girls, then this toy is the best gift. It can be used as accessories such as wearing around your wrist. It is a wearable design that makes value in the selling point. Little girls will enjoy dressing it up in different ways to show it off to their friends.

Recommended Age: under three years or above



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