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Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio Review Hot Toys


In this game, children can make their imaginary world by shaping and scanning Play-Doh compounds. Incredible modeling compounds known as Play-Doh are used to create monsters, food, people and many more. Form and style of Play-Doh characters that come to life in ways never fictional before! Play-Doh creations bring experience in a simulated world.

It includes the following products:

5 Character stampers

4 Tools

15 Cutters (scissors, slicer and rolling pin)

1 Scan card

5 Action stamps

7 Play-Doh Brand displaying compound cans

Probably the most exciting thing about Play-Doh Touch is to scan the Play-Doh creation into the app.

Procedure Play-Doh Touch Shape

Shape and style a Play-Doh making and place it on the scan card, then scan it into the app on your android devices. The creation will come to life on the screen ready to play! With the help of character stampers, a child can create new friends that have exclusive characters when scanned into the app.

Action stampers are used to manufactures and scan creations for amusing hair effects: the blow dryer grows hair on the characters, and the cutters give them funny haircuts. Keep shaping and scanning more Play-Doh formations and have fun!!!!

Play-Doh Touch Shape

How to start this game?

1. The first step is to give shape to creation using Play-Doh touch modeling compound and place it on a white surface.

2. SCAN your formed creations into the Play-Doh touch app using your device’s camera and see how it comes to life in a simulated world!

3.  You can discover all the creative likelihoods using Play-Doh Touch app. Continue to shaping and scanning your Play-Doh characters to build your creation.

How to Purchase A New World for This App?

The Play-Doh Touch app is free to download, but the other additional worlds, like Aquatic World, Hollow World, Wood World, Desert World, and Haze World require an acquisition via one of the following approaches:

  • You can purchase content from the in-app shop; or
  • By purchasing a Play-Doh TOUCH Shape to Life Studio with a character stamper (sold separately)


Several features of this toy will help your kid to enjoy during playing time. Let me discuss some exciting features of this toy!

  • Kids can make their new friends with unique characters using the character stampers.
  • Grow hair on the characters using a blow dryer and give them amusing styles with the action stampers.
  • Different Play-Doh colors are accessible for shaping and scanning stampers formations.
  • Kids can Save their makings and worlds to play with them another day.
  • Make a world of hands-on journeys and get your physical Play-Doh formations to come to life nearly in behaviors beyond fancy.
  • This entertaining game is for children age 3+.
  • Plastic flask comes with a spontaneous cover to keep dough fresh.
  • How to install Play-doh touch shape to life studio app on Android devices?
  • Play-Doh Touch app is well-matched only with iPad, iPhone, and selected Android devices.
  • Go to the app store on your android devices.
  • Search Play-doh touch shape to life studio game. Install it.

If the app does not automatically prompt on your android devices you need to do so the following steps:

  • Close the app
  • Go to your device ‘s Settings
  • .3. Search Apps
  • .4. Choose the Play-Doh Touch app
  • .5. Go to Authorizations.
  • 6. Enable it.


  • Compound not proposed to be eaten.
  • Sign to Parents: it encompasses Wheat so parents must be careful.

Final Verdicts

A Playdoh touch shape to life studio toy is perfect for kid’s ages three years or up. With its fresh and super exciting features, this game is the best gift for your kid for enjoying the Christmas day beyond other days. It is the perfect gift for your sweetheart’s birthday, as it is precisely designed to enhance toddler creativity.

This game is very cooperative and grips many toddler’s attention for very long periods. I love that kids can also scan artificial creations to groom them that rises the creativity and grooming ability of the toddler. This game is absolutely a great instructive game. It encourages learning fun! I Extremely recommend this!



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