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Peppa Pig Princess Castle Honest Review


Princess Peppa’s Castle Playset is the best set to complete your collection. It is manufactured by the firm JAZWARES.

 You are warmly invited to tea at Princess Peppa’s Castle! Peppa’s castle wrinkles away to store all decorations and includes a knob. The built-in scale is also available with your favorite Peppa Pig playsets and well-suited with all Peppa Pig models.

Contents Peppa Pig Princess Castle Honest

  • Princess Peppa
  • Princess Suzy uttered figures
  • a paragon chest, princess bed,
  • full-size mirror, chair
  • Three dining chairs
  • a dining table with a tea set
  • Four rooms to play
  • Fifteen lay pieces including a washing machine, fridge, grill, twaddle beds, banquet table, and bath container!

When you enter the house at the doormat, the living room light switches on to greet you! Murky pool in the front yard is for you to hear the Cloudy Pools song, and kids can press the rug for more sounds and slogans from the display. Don’t forget to look out for guests from the telescope in the loft!

Lights Sound Family Home are also available with new Tiny Rooms! Each tiny room includes numbers, furniture, and light up fittings to customize your home but these Little Quarters can be sold separately!

Kids can direct Peppa, Zoe Zebra, and George from room to room and after the delightful fun for the whole day, they can go to sleep in their beds.

 Additionally, the set has also come with extra furniture’s, including a telescope, a chair, and a computer desk, a pride, a single and twaddle bed, a sofa, a fridge, and a dining table with two chairs.


  • This amazing Peppa’s castle is for children age 2+.
  • Amazingly, Peppa pig princess castle playset comes with fabulous different regular colors like pink, green, blue, etc.
  • It is 13high, 17wide, 4.5cm thick.
  • It measures 22 inches tall and plays echoes and slogans from the Peppa Pig show
  • Princess Peppa’s Castle will help make your collection complete!
  • The kids who are two years old will love to play with this Peppa’s home. This castle is chargeable that makes it last longer. Once you charge it fully, it can run for minutes. It takes 30 minutes for charging. The 4 AAA batteries are required which does not come within its box.

Purpose of Rooms

Peppa’s home features four different floors; each has its character and purpose.

On the ground level, the adorable sheep and their Zebra friend can lounge on the sofa in the living room, or a quick trip over to the adjacent kitchen to grasp something to eat in the kitchen.

There is a bathroom on the second floor to wash up in before going to bed and also has an extra room with twaddle beds to its right for Peppa’s mates.

There is one room on the third floor for Peppa and her mates to play games on the PC.

The castle even has a loft situated on the right side above the third floor. Kids can jerk the purple stairs down to climb into the attic from the extra room. Once in the loft, they can use the telescope to find the fuzziest cloud during the day, or they can stare stars during the night.

There is another four-story home to feature light and sound effects to enhance toddlers’ playtime skills further. Your house should have a central cloudy pool spot, and Peppa’s friends can rest safely here because the front meadow has a dark pool that will make fun sound effects when Peppa or one of her mates plays in it on a rainy day.

Amazingly one adorable feature of this castle is that when cute friends of the Peppa enters by the front door and steps on the carpet, he or she will stimulate light and sound effects inside the house.

Final Verdicts

Kids can let Peppa be their courteous host, and acquaint themselves with all the pleasure-filled inside the Peppa Pig Lights & Sounds Castle and Family Home.

Don’t forget to Come over to Peppa’s castle for a playdate that’s full of boundless wonders! And play with Peppa, George and Zoe Zebra, they can be your good companions.



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