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Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck Toys


The ultimate construction truck is yet another the amazing designed toy to keep your kids engage while going to special rescue missions; Hottest Toys for Christmas 2019 all your kid need is just rumble and roll to the rescue in the Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck.

Flashing Lights and Sounds

If you are going to rescue mission then this Paw Patrol Truck is all you need. With it’s really moving features you can complete any rescue mission with any lags. Save a life by getting hands-on and help Rubble. Uncover the front shovel, there you have a dump tilting bed as well as side scoops. Six pups can ride together to the rescue mission. Just press the Paw Patrol badge at the front and head off to the rescue mission. 

In the truck, there is rescue rubble that is able to fit up to 6 puppies. Also equipped with a wrecking ball and a road roller all-in-one.

Realistic moving features with fully flashing lights and sounds to pave the way to adventures. It comes with all the moveable scoop so that your truck is ready to tackle any obstacle. Build their own ultimate Rescue mission to save puppies life!

Moreover, it’s a bulky vehicle let your kid, building their development skills having blast adventures. High-Quality material is a part of making it ranks high up in the list of Hottest Toys for Christmas 2019. Just let your kid make a team with Rubble and having fun while going to rescue missions.

For epic missions, there are also vehicles connectivity available. Just connect Ultimate Rescue Vehicles that are sold separately with Ultimate Rescue Construction truck and go the epic missions and enjoying a bunch of fun.

Inside the box: You have one ultimate rescue construction truck, one mini steam roller vehicle, one rubber figure, one instruction sheet, and 2 AAA batteries are included.

Hottest Toys for Christmas 2019

Swinging Wrecking Ball

Gets ready to operate a rescue mission. By swinging wrecking balls, you can quickly knock down the barriers. The rotating crane will help Rubble command the mission from the lookout cab. You can rotate the crane up, down, high, right and left. So are you ready for a ruff rescue?

Kid-Activating Working Features

The are various functional features that are ready to discover. It is easy to lift up heavy objects by the front shovel and haul heavy loads in the tilting dump beds. This is not going to enough, you can explore more as by pulling out the rotating side scoop and then disconnect the Mini Stream Roller.

Spark Creative and Imaginative Play

The best toy regards to learning and developing skills. Let your child create their own action-packed adventures by imaginative play. Try to save the Rubble and get a different story every time you play.

For More Rescue Fun Add more Friends

Along with the rescue mission, you can add up to six pups and get more fun.

The Goods

  • Realistic moving features enhance imaginative play
  • This versatile toy is for both girls or boys
  • A cost-effective toy rated it the most preferable toy’s list for kids
  • As it has a safe design for kids so parents can monitor less while playing
  • Let to spark your kid’s creativeness by getting this toy
  • There is a special cargo area
  • Moreover, it is entirely kids-friendly as it prepared for high-quality material

Worth Considering

A wildly entertaining toy where your kid can go to rescue missions with up to 6 pups and explore more world for adventurous. If your kid love to play imaginative toys then it is a good toy where your kid can learn and develop more skills. As it comes with the small part so you should care it to reach the kids under age 3. Above 3 ages kids can play with it to discover adventures.

The Conclusion

As a result, the Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck is a beautifully functional truck. If your kids don’t have a heavy-duty truck, then it is most recommended. I’ sure your kids will enjoy for hours of adventures. Moreover, it is one of the best gifts for children, no matter what the age is but recommended for 4 to 8 years kids. Build your own team and to do a complete job. Hottest Toys for Christmas 2019 Have a blasting mission!



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