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PAW Patrol toys Ultimate Construction Rescue Truck


Do you want to teach your kid about helping others in their difficult times? If yes, then you have to buy this rescue PAW Patrol toys tuck to motivate your kid about assisting others in their lives. Wreckage (figure included)! Press the PAW Patrol toys symbol at the top of this truck to activate blinking and flashing lights and sounds. Working starring wheels are for kids to go on their Final Rescue!

Don’t forget to Knockdown hitches with the swinging shattering ball and pick up heavy things with the first revelation to save the day!

PAW Patrol Ultimate Construction Rescue Truck Includes the following products:

  • ultimate Rescue Construction Truck,
  • Mini Steam Breaker Vehicle,
  • Rubble Figure,
  • Coaching Sheet,

Features PAW Patrol toys Ultimate Construction Rescue Truck

Several features of this toy will help your kid to enjoy playing time. Let me discuss some exciting features of this toy!

  • Kids can swing the wrecking ball, spin the revelation and kick the dump bed to save the day!
  • Equipped with a movable front scoop and wrecking ball, this construction truck is ready for Construction Rescue missions!
  •  It is equipped with flashing lights and sounds.
  • Furnished with a portable front revelation and wrecking sphere
  • It can be Connected to Ultimate Mini Automobiles
  • This Ultimate Rescue Truck Can Hold all 6 Pups
  • It goes forward and backward at a speed of 2.5 MPH.
  • This Rescue Truck is for children age 3+. This amusing toy comes with tiny parts. It does not require 2 x AA Alkaline batteries. It takes 30 minutes for a full charge, once you charge it fully.
  • Power rubber strip tires assurances their ride is a smooth and safe one.
  • Marshall’s Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck is Equipped with a 2 ft. tall extendable ladder,
  • With room for all six pups aboard (each sold separately) kids can place Rubble in the taxi and have him rotate the crane or use the side scoop to lift and remove stuff.
  • Kids can even attach any other Ultimate Rescue Mini Automobiles (each sold separately), to the Ultimate Construction Rescue Truck to stage a marathon mission!
  • Amazingly, PAW Patrol Ultimate Construction Rescue Truck comes with fabulous different regular colors like pink, green, blue, etc.
PAW Patrol toys Ultimate Construction Rescue Truck

How Does It Work?


Green means go! Link Rocky on his Recycling Truck, well-found with working steering wheels, a flip-open incline, and a stirring rescue crane!


Cargo two of your favorite Ultimate Rescue pups (1 Rocky figure included) into Rocky’s Recycle Truck and take off across Journey Bay!


 Rocky’s Ultimate Rescue Recovering Truck is easily attaching with any Ultimate Rescue Mini Vehicle! Attach Rocky’s Recycling Truck Marshall’s Mini Fire Wagon or Skye’s Mini Jet and take off as a club!


Removeable hat, shovel, and fire extinguisher will turn your incompetent firefighter into an ace.


Relaxed foot lever acceleration does a real driving practice for petite firemen and firewomen.


Water gun is made to put on. First, first launchers these guns on the front and back of this vehicle to put out fires! Turn the yellow doorknob or press the button to launch the water cannons.

The Ultimate Construction Truck is ready to reel! Declare your speedy arrival at the rescue site with blinking lights and sounds! To stimulate, press the PAW Patrol symbol at the top of the automobile.


  • Not play around kids having age three years or less than three years.

Final Findings

An Ultimate Rescue Rocky’s Construction Truck is perfect for kid’s ages three years or up. With its fresh and super exciting features, this truck is the best gift for your child enjoying the Christmas day beyond other days. Move this truck across the ground at high speed.

Ready for a burning rescue Truck! The fun starts right when the call goes out. Your kid can flight aboard and rocket lights and alarms to the passage of the fire. The comprised hat, spade, and fire extinguisher will be at the ready when they get there. Lamps don’t stand a chance in contrast to the Paw Patrol ruff- rescue squad. Paw Patrol, reel out.

Gather all the Ultimate Rescue automobiles pups and go on an exciting journey! Age: 2-4 Years



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