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NERF Fortnite RL Super Soaker Water Blaster


The NERF Fortnite RL Super Soaker Water Blaster is inspired by a blaster, used in a video game named Fornite Battle Royale. Such an obsessed way to get fun with right from scratch. This toy comes with a colorful rocket launcher where you have to drench the competition with extreme soakage. It is the best toy both for girls or boys where you have the power to flood your opponent theme with a substantial level of water. Adults will also love to do any qualms playing with this water blaster.

When it comes to its capitative features and corresponding functioning. All you become happy to know its functions as it is easiest to use. The super-soaker is incredibly high pressure of water at a vast distance. It is not an average water blaster as it can hold 25mm of rain at a go. But you have to get a bucket of water to refills. So, are you ready for water war? All you need to pull back the handle to fill the tank.

The Good Points

Including with almost 99%, good points makes this toy at the top of the best toys list in 2019. Let’s get a move on its positive aspects:

To hit your opponents with water, all its need to push the water launcher from the handle. It will let a power of stream that soaks your opponents. Wowee!

NERF Fortnite RL Super Soaker Water Blaster

Additionally, it is easy to fill as well as accessible to fire. It is the best super soaker to soak your opponent’s wildly. There is no accessory included; you get a big enough water blaster that has a capitative look with full of bright colors. 

Stunning Aesthetics

It comes with bright colors, including green, gray, blue and orange. These colors make it the most attractive blaster you will ever come across.

Can’t Break Easily

Seeing its sturdy construction, it is well-taken care of that your child will love it playing for hours.

Easy to fill and fire

There is no need to head over reading instructions. It is easiest to load and fire. Just immerse the water blaster in front of the water and pull the handle back to push water. This toy is best for the child ages six years or plus so that your child enjoys it more.

Light in weight

Another great feature is also available in this water blaster as its weight is only 2 pounds. Now your kid is always ready to play with it, especially in hot seasons. As it is for six years kids, but teenagers will also love playing with it.

Extremely Soakage NERF Fortnite RL Super Soaker Water

As this soakage rocket has 9,3 fluids ounces of water. You can quickly fill its tank. All need is, immerse the front of the water blaster in water then you have to pull the handle back to push the water in and for unleashing the rain, push the handle in front of your opponent. A complete soakage system that you will enjoy with your friends outdoor for hours.

Moreover, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Things to Consider

There are a few aspects that are worth considering if you are interested in buying this product. Let’s check:

  • It is needed to fill the super soaker with water regularly if you want the pool of war to fight with opponents. There should be a large water capacity.
  • Some of the parents will not be happy with their kids getting drenched during the cold season.

The Final Verdicts

I’m pretty much sure this NERF Fortnite RL Super Soaker Water Blaster will be a great addition in your entire toys collection. I recommend this water rocket for kids aged six years or above. Furthermore, it is not an indoor toy so you can spend more fun outdoor running around playing with your friends getting some exercise in. Just need a bucket of water and have fun with ever best water blaster!



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