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Most Wanted Christmas Toys 2019-20


Finding the Most Wanted Christmas Toys 2019 can be a daunting task. Because there are so many amazing toys available on the market. But here we have reviewed the most wanted Christmas toys in 2019.

If you are one of them who wants to make your kids’ Christmas special then your wait is over. Here, we have toys of the year, all about unboxing, collectibles, mini everything, superior dolls, and interactive features robot.

However, Here are the most Wanted Christmas Toys 2019, let’s start with our first top-notch product!

Sesame Street My Peek-A-Boo Elmo Plush Doll

Most Wanted Christmas Toys 2019

Sesame Street, Elmo Plush Doll, is an incredible gift for toddlers. The plushy doll can adorably that talks, giggles, and plays peek-a-boo. Press its tummy, and it’ll move its hands.

It can cover face by moving hands. It keeps your little one giggling and engaged with 15 funny phrases like “you disappeared, oh! You’re still here, Elmo’s hiding, you found Elmo” and other phrases.  

The Elmo is an enjoyable character with a favorite furry friend from Sesame Street. Make it laugh by squeezing and pressing its Tommy, and it plays peek-a-boo.

It has red fur with curious eyes, and around nose makes it innocent, and at the same time, you have fun. One you kid press it’s tummy once, it will move its hands and cover his face.

The most exciting feature is, it has more than 350 responses when you shake it. As it can communicate with you that’s why it can develop communication skills in your child.

Almost, there are 10 songs that it’ll sing for you. Besides its features, you can also play games with Elmo using the Love2Learn app.

This adorable doll is recommended for ages 18 months and above. However, if you want to make your child happy, then buy the Sesame Street My Peek-A-Boo Elmo Plush Doll that will talk adorably with anyone.

All in all, Elmo with a huggable size makes your kid bedtime buddy. However, if you are looking for the Most Wanted Christmas Toys 2019, then the Elmo doll is the best choice for 18 months or up a child.


  • Elmo is an interactive toy that can communicate, develop skills, and plays with your child.
  • You can play games by integrated it with app
  • Soft, portable and huggable
  • Realistic touch control
  • Controllable
  • Get a controversial topic with app


  • Batteries can be a bit costly
  • Switch locations are hidden

PAW Patrol Lookout Tower

Most Wanted Christmas Toys 2019-20

The PAW Patrol Lookout Tower is a big rescue tower that helps to keep an eye on trouble with my size lookout tower. It has an impressive standing with two and a half feet tall.

This tower is a perfect vantage point for your kid to observe the surroundings. You can rotate it so that you can get a visual sweep of adventure bay.

An interactive adventure is on your way where you can hear each character’s signature phrase. Just by hitting a button, there is a keep careful watch over the citizens of adventure bay.

Including with plucky pups, these are rescue dogs in training. The pups are inspired by real-world jobs such as firefighter, police officer, and a construction worker.

If there is any trouble strike, then the dogs will help you to save the day. it doesn’t matter whether a train off the tracks or a cat in a tree.

With the tall tower, your kid will see the interactive lights and sounds of the city. Also, this toy is a great learning nade fun.

For bright lights and sounds, you’ll need to press at the top of the tower. The pad turns in to red when you push the button. 

Using the red lever, you can try out the elevator and slide to explore more adventures.

This educational toy lets your kid learn bravery and heroism with exciting stories. A PAW Patrol is a fantastic playset for your child who has age 3 years or up.

But there is a bit complex assembly required. It is a fun action playset that will engage a child for hours to enjoy the fun-filled adventure.

However, the recommended age to gift this toy is 3 years or up to any child.


  • Action-packed adventure
  • Bright lights and a variety of sounds
  • Elevator to explore more fun
  • Get zooming with the vehicle launcher
  • 2AA batteries required


  • Assembly requires
  • Top is heavy

Dreamworks Dragons Lightfury

Most Wanted Christmas Toys 2019

The Dreamworks Dragons Lightfury is a 14” in height with a plish look. It is a soft and huggable character.

This cute dragon has an expressive appearance with embroidered eyes and a snuggly soft plush body.

The magic dragon with DreamWorks Deluxe Plush Dragons is the  Most Wanted Christmas Toys 2019 because of its plush material.

It will let you discover the hidden world. There are majestic wings from head to tailfins. Also, it has an authentic move look which makes a plush collectible for kids who love the dragon.

The flapping wings fly over so that your kid will dive into battle and relive the epic adventure. Different poseable features make your child play it with hours.

It has a hiccup figure that is suited up with dragon scale armor and wields a removable flaming sword so that you can beat your enemies.

Also, the Dragons Lightfury is ready to swoop and attack with her majestic wings. It can squeeze her legs together to move the wings.

If you want to let your imagination soar and to recreate exciting scenes from the fantastical DreamWorks movie then this Dragon is all you need for Christmas.

Moreover, the majestic dragon lets you get fired for battle with lightfury and hiccup. Also, there are removable weapons, arms, poseable head, and legs so that you can quickly assemble for action poses.

However, the recommended age is 18 months or up.


  • Soft, adorable and cuddly plush design
  • Authentic movie look
  • Hiccup and toothless face
  • No battery required
  • Fly over the dragon


  • Not durable
  • Wings are too big

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Batmobile

Most Wanted Christmas Toys 2020

The Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Batmobile comes with a crime-fighting robot and a tank. The robot transforms to a cool armored tank and back again by turning the disk.

It has an awesome transformation that lets your kid continue the action for hours. You’ll need to activating the claws or launching the disks at your favorite city Villian, which is sold individually.

The batmobile has lights with 100 sound effects and phrases. Two different modes help your kid to enjoy different adventures.

You are responsible to keep the street of Gotham city safe. For this reason, the batmobile will send Robin rolling through the streets to fix the happened troubles before batman arrives.

Additionally, this playset is the best action-packed fun which makes your child happy whenever he/she plays.

While the batmobile is responsible, almost everything that will happen on the road. When you want to turn, there it pops up at the left side, you’ll have to rotate the canons.

This toy is a turn to the right fires the project lines. Just imagine what happens after that is left up to the imagination.

The batman sound makes your child create a dialog between the characters and tell stories related to it.

The toy has all the cool features that make it worthwhile for the price. Also, it is recommended for the child ages 3 or up.

Whereas the bat bot has bold eyes and vents light up. Other features include more than 100 sounds, phrases, four disks, a launcher, a vehicle. 

However, you should keep in mind the Batbt requires 6AA batteries for remote control. However, if you want to go to new adventures then all need is to buy Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Batmobile.


  • Multiple features
  • Included a remote control
  • Cool sounds are phrases
  • Shooting disks and figure are interchangeable
  • Reasonable price


  • No volume control
  • The car runs only on smooth surfaces
  • Small parts for toddlers

Treasure X Aliens

Most Wanted Christmas Toys 2019

Things are going to get messy on with Treasure X Aliens. Now you don’t need to go out for adventures because the Treasure X Aliens let get the best adventurous experience.

There are about 18 different colored aliens that you can collect. Each alien comes with its neat unique packaging. It has green-tinted plastic, which is also available in different colors.

Besides the colors, there are more hidden surprises inside. All the alien has scalpel and tweezers which is simply placed on their back. You can use the tool to slice away its belly a get a bunch of surprises.

The gooey surprises! Yes, the gooey surprises are slime in shape. You will need to remove the ribcage and then poke through its slime belly. Then, use the tweezers to start pulling things out.

Inside, you will find all the gooey surprises including guns, swords, intestines, and hidden treasure. It will make the toy a real space gem to enjoy for hours with your friends. 

There, you can flip back the alien head, pull out the stuff from its belly and then squeeze the body and head until you pull out all the surprises.

There are 18 treasure hunters to collect and swap, and the exciting thing is, all come with weapons and treasure.

However, if your kid loves to find a real gem, then unwrap the package because the real gems are actually known as ‘peridots’ that you have been found in meteorites. This playest keeps the kids engaged for hours.

The unboxing experience comes with 12 steps, and each level added more excitement. Just remove the aliens from a crystal vessel with the help of X-tool and start your adventure.


  • More real gems
  • Added pay value
  • 18 treasure hunters
  • High-quality
  • Attractive colors with a unique design


  • Slime alien figure
  • Slime smells is bad

LOL Surprise 2 in 1 Glamper Fashion

The LOL Surprise 2 in 1 Glamper Fashion is the most wanted Christmas Toys 2019 comes with more than 55 surprises.

It is included one brand new exclusive LOL surprise doll with more than ten hangout areas, including fashion runway bunk beds, lights up, slides, BBQ patio, and DJ booth and more.

With its front detaches to become a separate car with working horn and headlights makes it more worthwhile.

The design is eye-catching. There are more than 50 plus sound and lights. With it’s high-quality, it makes everything it promises to be. Well, you can get 2-in 1 glamper fashion when you unwrap its box.

The collectible dolls can get the LOL surprise. Also, there is sliding down the 2 story water slide, a cool swimming pool that lights up.

After the party, the dolls chill out with a snack in the café or have a BBQ patio before heading up to sleep. They make a sound when your kid shook it up.

When your kid is done playing, you can easily remove the swimming pool plot and remove the water. All 55+ surprises are hidden inside. 

However, if you are looking for the most wanted Christmas toy 2019 then LOL Surprise 2 in 1 Glamper Fashion is making your child day special.

Above all, this playest is for the kid’s ages 5 years or above. The LOL Surprise 2 in 1 Glamper Fashion comes with 55+ surprises. Your kid will love to discover by unwrapping each one.  


  • Eye appealing looking
  • High-quality
  • More than 55+ surprises


  • too stylish
  • not recommended for child

What are the most wanted Christmas toys 2019?

  • Sesame Street My Peek-A-Boo Elmo Plush Doll
  • PAW Patrol Lookout Tower
  • Dreamworks Dragons Lightfury
  • Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Batmobile
  • Treasure X Aliens
  • LOL Surprise 2 in 1 Glamper Fashion

The Conclusion

All in all, children spend most of their time playing, if you want to engage them then you should buy toys that make them busy for hours rather than spend time on television or smartphones. However, if you are looking for the most wanted Christmas toys then we have listed the top-rated toys to give the best gift to your child to doubles the happiness of Christmas.



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