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LEGO Duplo Marvel Adventures


If your kid loves action hero figures toys, then LEGO Duplo Marvel Adventures is best in his toys collections. With a huge variety of pieces, this toy is a perfect gift for both girls or boys.

Featuring with a spiderman figure, a Hulk figure, and a sandman figure. The character of a sandman, he is a steeler that is always trying to steal a valuable suitcase where the spider man and the hulk to swoop and save you from sandman.

Use your superpowers while playing this brand playset which offers you to fix spider’s man motorbike because he is going for action.

Well, there is also Spiderman’s garage and Hulk laboratory that will help your preschoolers to develop the skills. Because there are 32 pieces to play offer for hours consistently.

Unwrapping the box, you will have a motorbike, a wrench, a briefcase, a spade, and a flexible spider web. This range of features makes it a perfect gift if your kid is an aspiring superhero.

In addition, this playset is like the puzzle-based theme for toddlers that increase the skills related to basic construction as well as improve the motorbike skills.

Help Spider-Man and Hulk Fight Sandman

The little angels help the superheroes and battle against the negative forces as sandman.

LEGO Duplo Marvel Adventures

Little Superheroes fans can save the day

With this playset, your little marvel superhero improves skills and creativity too.

Don’t let Sandman getaway

Yes! Your kids use their superpowers to stop stealing things by a sandman at spiderman’s garage.

Fix the Motorcycle

It’s time to fix the motor. Hulk can use the wrench to repair spiderman’s motorcycle to save the day from sandman.

Keep an eye on the Radar

Usually, spiderman watches the radar in the laboratory of Hulk.

Easy to Assemble

This playset is easier to assemble and help young children improve as well as develop skills regarding construction.

Though, this large playset is the best to play as well as to develop the basic skills. So its name has come in the list of best toys. It let you use the hands while placing the block in their positions. With bright colors, it will make your kid busy for long hours.

 Unwrap the box you can get inside

  • Within the box, A LEGO DUPLO Spider-man toy with superpowers as well as figures
  • This playset includes a spiderman figure, Hulk figure, Sandman figure, Spiderman’s garage, and one motorbike and one Hulk’s laboratory. In addition, a wrench, briefcase, spade, and a flexible spiderweb too.
  • Toddlers will have fun mastering basic motor and construction skills with this easy to build Marvel Hulk toy.
  • With 9 inches garage length, 4 inches wide, 1 inch deep, A spider man garage comes with lots of fun.
  • 38 pieces, a huge set for boys and girls is suitable for the range of 2 to 5 years kid.

Additional Features LEGO Duplo Marvel Adventures

  • A marvel 38 pieces set for kids including with Spiderman, Hulk figures, and a sandman.
  • Variety of blocks that can be used to build a garage for Spiderman as well as for Hulk’s Library.
  • Included a flexible Spider web that can be rotted to the angle of 360 degrees.
  • It’ll help your toddler to develop or improve fine basic construction skills
  • The action hero figures with a heavy realistic look so that your kids enjoy playing experience for hours without getting bored.
  • It is suitable for the kids having age 3 years to 5 years old.

Things you need to consider

  • Somewhat claimed that this toy is also suitable for the under age 2 years but please note that, this playset has a small number of pieces which can harm your little kid as he/she can put these small pieces in the mouth that will cause injury or bleeding. So the recommended age is a child up to 3 years to 5 years.
  • Although this toy comes with 38 pieces Duplo which can be slightly costly for some parents.

The Conclusion

The imaginative playset keeps your active or creative to make own stories as want. It is slightly pricer, but a great gift to you love one.

Recommended age : 3 to 5 years



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