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Learning Resources Botley – 2019 Top Toys For Kids


An educational toy is now trending among all kid ages, and one of the smart robots that offers all basic programming needs is, Botley. It let your baby learn to code without no time in a fun and easy way. Get this innovative toy for your kid as young as five, and they will grow with it for years to come.

Without providing any screen, without needed a smartphone or tablet, or without requiring any software or app, this smart robot’s latest addition to the Learning Resources!

With it detect technology, it can detect all the objects moving around it. It comes with navigating obstacle courses, follow loop commands, and black lines as well. These are the needed coding principles. This robot is a true friend both for young little girls and boys.

Screen-Free Learning Resources Botley

Botley’s comes without a screen. There is no need to get an app, no smartphone or tablet required, no codes to enter. All you need to unbox it and it is ready to learn you and make you laugh as well.

Learning Resources Botley

Backline Following

It enabled with backline follow mode; you have to flip the switch and set up a path for this robot to travel. It comes with tiles, draws, and lines to walk. Just watch him!

Endless Fun

Explore hidden features as it presents 77 pieces of activity set. Unlock surprises and complete fun challenges with this toy. It will help you in every step while learning or coding.

Introducing Smart Features

The best wat to enhance STEM skills that will help your children while in different stages. The Botley coding Robot is one of the stem toys that ensures to grow the user’s coding skills. Featuring with numerous advanced techniques such as say ‘Hi’ in front of him and get beautiful noises and I’m pretty much sure your kids go crazy for it.  There are 120 steps available for coding that makes this robot ever smart. Some of the other features that help to promote problem-solving skills and logical thinking such as

  • There are detachable robot arms
  • A kid-sized remote programmer
  • When it comes to planning out programs, then there are 40 different coding cards are available
  • The robot can ride over as it is included with 6-doubled size tiles
  • There are 27 obstacles small building pieces to place ob Botley’s path like plastic blocks and traffic cones
  • To start coding challenges, there is a quick start guide for you.

The Good Points

There are bundles of plus points available in this innovative little robot such as:

  • Unboxing the robot and right now it is ready to use without any screen or any external accessory. This is the ever best choice for those kids who spend a lot of time in front of PCs, TV, and tablets.
  • It has a wide range of colorful small pieces presenting a complete activity set that a child needs to develop the mindset of becoming a programmer.
  • It comes with a remote programmer that is easy to use, transmitting the kid’s command instantly.
  • This innovative educational toy is ready to be used for many years, and your child will never get bored.
  • As it is designed to entertain, delight, challenge and teach kids while at the same time developing critical skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and fostering creativity.

Things to Consider for Learning Resources Botley

As it has plenty of attractive features, but there is one thing that may not be too attractive about this creative robot is the fact that it is not chargeable. You will have to keep on buying disposable batteries so that it can function as it supposed to. Not ideal under three years kid.

Final Verdict

The award-winning toy, Botley’s features are top-notch for both purposes whether it is learning or playing. It doesn’t complete all needs of necessary coding but as it helps users to have loads of fun. Play with or interact with it and gift it to your kid making endless fun and activities. As it has a wide variety of parts, so it is recommended to buy this robot above three years kid.

Recommended age: 4 years or up



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