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LeapFrog LeapBuilders 123 Fiz-It Truck Toys For kids


Like other educational toys, LeapFrog LeapBuilders 123 Fiz-It Truck is one of them where your kid not only get fun. Also, your kid can learn while playing. Precisely the same thing your kid can get from this toy. This toy comes with a considerable range of pieces to play with. It is designed for kids who have age 2 to 5 years. Entirely, there are 21 small pieces including 15 standard blocks, the same number of smart blocks with a single stylish unit. If you want to teach you kid many skills then it is the best toy to lean your kid colors, numbers, tools, music, problem-solving, and a bunch more.

Fascinating Features

Loaded with a bundle of features so that a toddler can learn much more. Some of its captivating features ara as:

Building Truck with Interactive Blocks

There are over 30 valuable pieces, such as smart blocks, wheel, and tools where your kid can build a tough truck. With its other Leapbuilder playsets mix and match the bricks, make a truck, rebuilt! As it comes with 15 double-sided learning blocks, 15 standard building blocks, and one attractive bright star unit.

Interactive Blocks Toys For kids

Listen to Music

It’ll be great fun to listen to music while playing. And this toy lets you no dull moments. Just blast out melody sound and different songs by pressing the music button.

Electric unit

This Churns out sweet sound as well as phrases where your kids interestingly built a truck. There is an electric button, hit it to hear the commands to find a particular block in the set.

Easy Grip for Little Hands Toys For Kids

The blocks are small so that a toddler can easily hold it. This toy provides every comfortable feature so that your kid can play well. 

Answer Questions

There is a learning button as an amazing LeapFrog creation. Press it while playing to listen to requests. This function waits until the proper block is placed on it. After placing the right neighborhood, it will respond.

Chat and Count Emoji Phone

This toy lets you chat with Scout. Scout will teach your kids about numbers. You can also add cute emoji as well as watch animations. Just like a smartphone.

One of the Best Learning Toys for Toddlers

Since its inception, LeapFrog LeapBuilders 123 Fiz-It Truck is one of the best learning toys in 2019 because of its enchanting features. There is some aspect why this toy is amongst best learning toy. Let’s walk through some points.

  • It comes with electronic building blocks that kids get more and more while playing and learning.
  • Included Leapbuilder feature where about 120 sweet sounds and phrases to learn. 
  • All building blocks are made with convenient design so that your kid can comfortably grip on them. These pieces easy to clamp with each other so that any kid can place it to the right place with ease.
  • A versatile toy that is ideal for kids 2 to 5 years.
  • The perfect mixture of movable and colorful blocks makes easy to build a cran truck. There are endless ways where your little angels to come up with original creations.

Some Important Things to Consider

There are some things you have to consider while buying this toy for your kid as this toy has some areas that should be improved on such as

  • The first thing is the renewing of batteries of all time so that your kid can get the most out of it. Both aspects as fun and learn!
  • Another thing that parents think is, this toy is not allowing to put down the block be it napping or eating time.

The Final Verdicts

The LeapFrog LeapBuilders 123 Fiz-It Truck is such a great toy for both ends as fun or learn. It is a highly recommended toy for above the 18-month child. Having smart and colorful blocks lets a child enjoy the unlimited play. There are bright-colored pieces so that a child can easily recognize which part should have to place. If you are a parent then you’ll happy reading this, LeapFrog is one of the excellent learning toys that will grow with your child lasting years in the sense of enjoying or learning. Have fun!



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