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Introducing the Journey Girl! It’s Chavonne. She is a confident girl and mostly travels. While on her way, she loves to share her knowledge and experience of music with everyone that she meets. Her character believes the quote of Shakespeare, “All the worlds is a stage,” and she is nor fearful and live her life freedom.

With her friends namely as Kelsey, Mikaella, Callie, Meredith, Kyla, and Dana, she and her friends travel each year. This most noticeable feature in her character is Chavonne’s hair. She has long, curly, and dark-colored hair. Similarly, Dana’s hair looks like Chavonne hair.

The Chavonnes outfit is graceful and inspired by Western Girl’s outfit. With her bright eyes and leather jacket, she has an appealing personality.

Also, each journey girls have their features, but all are 18” tall with an impressive dressed in their own travel-inspired fashion.

Considerably, they love dressing and styling and ready to go for adventures anywhere or anytime. In addition, their outfit is interchangeable because they have the same length and have a similar figure.

All dolls are creative, imaginative as well as aspirational play to let you enjoy quality time with them. Without blinking eye feature, their eyes are most beautiful with really long lashes.

Along with plastic legs, arms, they have even a soft body so that you feel comfy to carry with you outside.

Kyla, She is an adorable addition in the Journey Girls. She wears a cream shirt with a pink wrap skirt and black flat.

Journey Experience Journey Girls 18 Doll

The journey of best friends starts with Italy trip. They just arrived in Italy and started a thrilling fun adventure together. Their experience will include a trip, to the famous Tower of Pisa, the magnificent city of Venice and the breathtaking Colosseum and a gondola ride. Along their way, they stop at an ice-cream parlor and try yummy gelato which is a popular flavor in Italy. On the starting of vacation to the end, they enjoy a lot.  

Another great thing that your little angels will love in this toy is, the dolls have a thin body with average quality material. But their outfits are unmatchable. With extremely lightweight, large legs, large eyes, they look eye-catching.


  • The dolls with full of energetic qualities make your kids play for hours. Because these dolls are best friends and happily enjoy to live together. They make a plan to go to Italy and start their vacation by going to the famous leaning tower of Pisa, a tour of the breathtaking Colosseum and a gondola ride through the magnificent city of Venice.  Moreover, they will meet strangers and make new friends, they are active and enjoy life fully.
  • Along the way, they eat in restaurants and take selfies. They also try yummy ice-cream flavor from the Italy shop. Their life is excellent fun, in contrast, their friendship.
  • Take a doll and go on trips to enjoy the great fun and share your adventure. Let’s know about Kayla’s feature: her outfit color is cream with black stripes on the arm. Additionally, there is a word “CIAO” is printed on its front. She wears a pink wrap skirt and black flats.  Furthermore, she likes to carry a combination of the black and white color purse. Her body is smooth and soft and made of above-average quality. The weight is 2.5 lbs, and height is the same as other Journey Girls have.
  • Tons of travel experience and special share, you can get from this little girl. It doesn’t matter where she lives, but she remains close to her best friend’s heart. Their friendship is long-lasting.

Note: The recommended age to play Journey Girls is above than 6 years. Keep in mind, don’t play around near your child.

The Conclusion

Lastly, if you want to get for a Journey Girls adventure then don’t forget to take with this beautiful Journey Girls 18” doll. You can add all the toys such as Mikaella, Chavonne, Kyla, Meredith, Dana, Kelsey and Callie, the gang of best friends eager to go on adventures any time they want. Explore more new friends and places as well, no matter how far they are from other dolls. Their experiences are just beginning, and their friendship will last longer.

Recommended age: 6 years and above.



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