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Hairdrobles – Collectible Surprise Dolls: Series 1


Bigger hair, a notch higher is what to kick up your hair need! Let’s introduce the most adorable toy for girls, The Hairdrobles. Unwrapping the box and welcome dolls squad with all required accessories will love these dolls. Have you big hair?

The gift combining fashion and fun, surely get the Hairdobles. There you have an extensive collection to collect impressive dolls. Get ready to have an impressive selection of 36 toys!

Introducing Noah and the Hairdorables!

A squad of girls aims to live happily where Noah, She loves hair styling. She has a sweet personality and a funniest vlogger on YouTube. She decides to share her hair making tutorial where she accidentally fumbled over the words ‘hair’ and ‘adorable’ and then coining the term “Hairorables” . Her updated video viral overnight and then she made her own YouTube channel named obviously, Hairdorable. Now, Noah with her besties spends their whole time to create unique contents and share their passion across the world.

 Each Hairdorable comes with vibrant color hair and unique luxe hairstyle. In every package, there is a delightful surprise. Unwrapping each Hairdorable, you have hidden surprises to uncover. You have to pull, peel, and reveal 11 surprises in each box. All the Hairdorables have their personality that defines their style and talent including fashion, hairstyle, and accessories. These dolls are based on 12 iconic girls from the YouTube series, Hairdorables.

Hairdrobles – Collectible Surprise Dolls

Let’s Meet Each Hairdorble To Find Your Style!


Hello Girls, I’m Noah, I love to create contents, share my tutorials, and life updates. I’m making all videos with my besties that are all amazingly talented.


Hey Girls, I’m Bella. A pleasure to meet you all. Cheese is my second passion, but the first is a dance. Do you know it? I am in love with all forms of dance; ballet has my heart! you can buy it from amazon

Dee Dee

Dee Dee is here to meet you, but my friends call me Sweetie! I love whipping up sweet creations in the kitchen. I love to make new flavors and textures. My specialty is baking cake!

Sallee Hairdrobles

Hey, I’m Sallee! All think I’m pretty shy but let me know you, I imagine my next creative project. I feel happy to share my art with other aspiring artists. I love to paint, draw sketches, and sculpt. Nothing makes me more comfortable than doing my art.


My name is Kat. All-around animal lover, pet trainer, dog walker at your service! My hobby is taking care of animals and train my neighbor’s pet. My first love is my sweet corgi,Gilly!


Aloha, I’m Skylar. I love to explore the world. In my free time, I write about my grand adventures on my blog. The world has so much to offer and the greatest treasures in her backyard.


Hi there, I’m Harmony, my passion is music, singing, writing songs, and playing just about every instrument under the sun.


Hello People! I’m Neila, and my friends call me Princess Neila. My parents got a telescope for me, and I spend hours gazing constellations because there is so much to explore out there.


Hey everyone, I’m Kali. I’m so happy to meet you. I love science and technology, and my true passion is coding. My apps are working great!


Hello there, I’m Willow, I do a crazy thing. I love my passion for fashion. I think there is nothing matter what style you are into; your unpredictable accessory is confidence, own it!


Hey guys! I’m Brit; I love to do things that make my friends and family happy. I live and breathe sports. I love being part of a team of my friends and family.


Hello to all my friends, I’m Rayne, I enjoy rollerblading along the boardwalk and feeling the ocean breeze. I’m in touch with nature and meeting new friends.

Things to Consider

The Hairdorables aren’t that many deal-breakers when getting one of these dolls.

  • Somewhat, the blind boxes and off-putting because you have a variety of same Hairdorbles but not the ones you want.

The Conclusion

Big hair, don’t care!  The Haitrdorables is ever best gift for girls who are obsessed with hair and fashion. There are multiple options to pick out your favorite doll. Each doll comes with hidden surprises. The suggested age to buy this toy package is three years or above Recommended Age: 3 Years or up .



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