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Fingerlings Untamed Dragon Toys For Kids


The fierce-looking dinosaurs is a true friend if your kid loves dinosaurs or dragons. The Fingerlings Untamed Dragon comes with four colors as Venom the green, WildFire as the red, Shockwave as the purple and the dark blue and Freezer the white. As each has its unique color that light-up when it is untamed and ferocious.

Introducing the New Untamed Dragon

Yes! Fingerlings Untamed Dragon let your kid add with the new dragon features with ferocious sounds. But you can get a variety of colors that are wildly unpredictable. Each color has its specialties such as sound. You can get them all or individual, you’ll decide! Unleash new ones to get more funs!

Introducing the unpredictable dragons wildly reacts depending on how you play. If you tap on its head or the nose, it lights up and emits diode which makes its face furious. And it begins roaring.

If you touch, shake or tap its body, it gives instant reactions in the form of wild roaring. If you are tapping its head or nose, then it lights up, moves its eyes, turns its head, and start roaring in different voices.

The best activation button in its nose and head. As this toy is “untamed,” which means it can be your foe or friend at the same time, it’s up to you, presenting a role-play action.

There is a free application for each dragon; you can use to vary the responses depending on the inputs. Download the app, once it installed on your smartphone or tablet, then a picture of your dragon is taken, and a video recording near around you are done. The dragon sound can be a kid sound to elicit various roars from the dragon.

Fingerlings Untamed Dragon

Inside the box: You can get 1 Fingerling Untamed dragon included with batteries. There is no other accessory available with this toy.

Are you ready to hear fierce sounds? Let’s look at some of its features:

Friend or Foe?

It can be your friend or foe; it’s up to you how you behave. If you softly hold it and then firm it you can feel its wrath. Also see is your dragon breath fire? Or is your dragon spit poison? Collect all the colors to unleash its bitterness as well as your creativity. 

Rile Them Up

Want to see its reactions? You have to tap on its nose or on its head to get warning calls, hisses, growls, and roars. Or you can also shake them gently. But if you want its full roar attack, then a long press to its nose or head and get attacked!

Calm them down

If you want to calm dragon’s tamed mode then just starting gently tapping from its head to its finish, and it will stop roaring. You can also let him away from your hands for a quick dr5agon snooze.

Good Points

  • dragon comes with a single piece as self-contained, doesn’t offer any other accessory.
  • It has not just ferocious sound, also has unbelievable cool features ensure to get great fun for hours.
  • The dragon reacts to every input as touching or shaking that make it conveniently easy to use.
  • There are varieties of the colorful dragon that you can pick according to your wish. Each dragon has the roars that make it negotiable from others.
  • Whether a foe or a friend, all you need a Fingerlings Untamed Dragon. Play with it and have blasts of fun.

Things to Consider

  • The accompanying app for the toy may be a threat to your information, such as to access anyone’s location, camera to capture your picture and video, and microphone to record your sounds.
  • As this toy has most wild sound, it can be a threat by your child as too ferocious for kids.
  • It is not good to get this toy for kids who have age 4; you can buy it above the age of 4 or up.

Final Verdict

A perfect crime partner as well as a faithful companion with its ferocious roars. Including a bulk of ways for interacting such as touching and shaking and kids love their instant reactions that a Fingerlings Untamed Dragon makes. This toy makes your entire collection unpredictable!



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