5 to 7 Age

Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal


Meet the adorable little unicorns! All you want Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal around you as it comes with magical kisses and attractive look. It reacts when you touch it or flaps its tail. It also responds to tell you how it feels when you blink your eye. Funniest noises and melody sounds make this toy an adorable and fun to play. There is a distinctive horn in its head; it lightens up in different bright colors. Full of splashing magic! Fingerlings Feelings!

Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal

When you interact with this beautiful cute unicorn, it produces such a melody sound like burping, farting, cooing, giggling as it has a built-in motion sensor which let it make bubble-like noise as to show its feeling. Ageless Little unicorns, get them if you want a good laugh out.

Fingerlings are loaded with kisses in different shades and themes including the blue as Nori, the purple as Neilie, the turquoise as Nikki, and the pink as Rachel. Each Fingerling comes with magical kisses and individually providing an opportunity to get them all. They yield different reactions; their first mood horns brighten up in beautiful colors as well as they adorably roll their rounded little eyes in such a cute way.

As longs as you press its cheeks, as much loud they kiss you. How magically cool way!

Nicely, you can put it in your fingers. Flaps on its tail and enjoy its cutest reaction as funny sounds. Carefully, hold it in soft hand when you want a kiss because if you keep it tightly, your cunning companion might offer sneeze instead.

Sudden reactions, if they feel your touch. They can express their feeling in different ways.

You can get most out of the box as four LR batteries that are included and a detailed instruction manual in different languages.

Glow with the Flow

When you shake or blow this toy, it reacts, its adorable horn will light up in different colors that make you glow. 

Ride with Waves

These little unicorns love to surf airwaves. Put in your fingers and ride with waves.

Happy Tails

Blinking eyes motion when you interact with them as well as they flap their furry tails.

Magical Kiss

Kids love kisses and Fingerlings are not complete without kisses. The longer you press them on your cheeks, the bigger and louder they kiss. Blow a kiss and get one right back!

Friendship at Your Finger Tips

These colorful cute unicorns are your real friends. The more you care your Fingerlings, the more you get kisses. Enjoy their melody sound in return while tapping or shaking.

Meet with the Purple Unicorn!

Fingerlings are among in one of hottest toys as they are hit both of kids or adults. These adorable unicorns of the ocean have many ways to play. Tapping their furry tails, they will flaps their tails in returns to show how they are feeling as well as they blink their eyes. When you interact with them, their unique magical horn will light up in fabulous colors. Blow a kiss and return it. As more significant you blow, as long you get.

Let’s meet with Neilie!

  • My name is Nellie.
  • Hey! I react when you touch me, I can blink my eyes, flap my tail, and make a bunch of fun for you.
  • See my unicorn horn that will brighten up in so many shades to show how much I feel.
  • I come with Kiss technology which activates when you blow; it depends how more prominent you blow. The longer you hold me, the extended it lasts!

The Goods

  • Fully featured with newly added activations that will excite the kids surely.
  • These little Fingerlings are small enough to travel with you.
  • They come with an adorable and beautiful design.
  • They come up within varied grip size so that they are fitted in every finger.

Worth Considering

It’s just fun, don’t operate them under the water. One of the issues can occur while wearing these unicorns in your fingers is they are designed for kids, but adults can also get. So it might be facing any trouble that the finger hole is tight.

The Conclusion

Various ways to get fun with Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal. Just wrap these unicorns around your finger, and it’ll change your mood from sad to lighten up as you carry on with your activities. 



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