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DC SuperHero Girl Wonder


The DC SuperHero Girl Wonder is a real hero for girls who is the right decision to add it in your toys collection. This DC Girl is your perfect crime partner. With 12” in height it has an incredible action figure.

The replica action doll wears a shimmer red top that is with a signature of Wonder Woman with blue pants that prints on its side with stars.

To achieve a realistic look, it is featured with a golden belt, collar, tall red boots, slivery cuffs, golden tiara, and white wings. The doll has the Lasso of Truth in her hands which is flexible enough to make almost all forms of action that she poses.

Tell adventurous Tales and Power Poses

If you want to recreate your days with web series then this Superhero little girl makes your day with her poses and action roles. The best feature of this doll has, lots of articulation that to connect lots of thrill actions. It depends on you to let her make actions with or without accessories. In addition, this doll will stand alone to allow you to capture its amazing poses to enjoy while playing.

DC SuperHero Girl Wonder

Leap Into Action, and it’s ready Look DC SuperHero Girl Wonder

DC has a collection of dolls come with different accessories and features. While the DC doll wears a cool signature outfit with iconic accessories. There is a combination of classic colors and great symbols to action-ready moments. Having the theme of a leader, she wears a red shimmer top with bluejeans with all its accessories to look appealing. Meanwhile, its golden tiara and Lasso of truth provide a powerful addition to make your toys collection the best ever.

What you get by unwrapping the Package

  • The DC doll is imported
  • There are lots of new dolls to unleash the action superhero.
  • It comes with 12” in height which is the standard size for the little kids. As she wears a printed shimmer wit action-primed style that is ready for action whenever you want as well as when you want.
  • The signature is of Wander Woman that just wow. With white and blue pants and golden armor and budget this is enough choice to add it in your collections.
  • The unique accessories such as the Lasso of Truth wrist cuffs, and golden tiara.
  • Designed with high articulation with the ability to stand alone makes it a perfect choice.

The Key Features

  • The DC Super doll has 12” length which is ideal for the kids having age six years and above. The above age child can also play with this doll to enjoy real fun. That must be supervised above age.
  • With its realistic look and clothing to accessories, all thing are exactly the same as I wish. The accessories are a tiara, Lasso of the Truth, sliver cuffs a much more.
  • With beautiful designing clothes makes this toy removal parts so that your superhero can dress up early in the morning or whenever she wants.
  • She has a variety of make that she put on her DC prayer that let you stand on its own.
  • With a collection of a superhero is flexible enough to make the best fighter actions. Like other superheroes for kids, this toy makes it sufficient to let the pose of speed actions.
  • With the durable plastic material and lightweight.
  • The quality of the material is last longer which is bearable for rough use.

Things need to consider

There is some important consideration that you should know about this doll:

This doll has a variety of features, but it is very voluminous. Therefore, they come with a synthetic look.

There is not include a smarter id card.

Like other superhero toys fro child, this action doll is suitable for child above six years old.

The Conclusion

DC SuperHero Girl Wonder is ideal for girls who live thrilling action toys. Featuring high material and bent parts make her do various poses as much as she wants. Its hand is quite flexible that is fit in your trip. Although it has a high range in the best toys list definitely worthwhile. This action figure doll is ideal for the range of 6 years and above, but it can playable with teenage girls too.

Recommended age: 6 years and above



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