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Candylocks Lemonade Scented Collectible


Candylocks Lemonade Scented Collectible are dolls with cotton hair. Yes, it’s here! Candylocks Lemonade Scented collectible dolls with 12-inches soft hair just look like cotton candy. With its Sugar Style doll comes with Lacey Lemonade, a deluxe 7-inches Candlocks doll that scented with delicious lemonade.

The doll is 7 inches in length of colorful cotton candy with extra-long shiny hair, citrus outfit fruit drinks, and adorable shoes. The unique themed long-hair doll makes it easy to little angles. With handmade style make twirly-swirly twists, long ponytails, buns, side braid, and more.

Also, the hairstyles are endless to try on this doll. For more fun, add the Straw Mary Sugar Style Doll that doesn’t come with its package. You have to buy it separately to make your Candylock collection adorable.

Similarly, the Straw Mary’s is the same length as Candylock’s has so it is possible to swap the outfits to enjoy everlasting fun. These fashionable dolls come with removable and interchangeable accessories. So are you feeling excited to bring home lemony sweetness with the sugar style doll?

In addition, Each Lacey Lemonade doll has a sweet scent such as strawberries! Combination of different accessories that offer change hairstyle any time instantly.        

Candylocks Lemonade Scented

The unique themed Candylocks are easy to style by hand. The dolls have soft smooth hair too so without a hairbrush or other styling tools. You can make an appealing hair-style, such as braids, ponytails, buns, and more. Are you feeling crazy?

Additionally, with extra-long extension, there are many ways to make the look own with accessories and bring a unique personality to life with fun.

Deluxe 7-Inches Scented Doll Candylocks Lemonade Scented

Along with textured a sweet scent, the doll is 7 inches tall and smells like a delicious lemonade. Each doll has another unique feature that is a fruit drink. Its ultra-long hair and citrus wearing with beautiful shoes make it incredibly unique from other toys.

The Ultra-long Hair is easily customization

Yes! There are endless hairstyle that you can create with Candylocks. The sugar candy hair texture keeps its shape fresh as before and doesn’t come apart. This feature makes it easy to play with little kids. Create handmade hairstyles including high-pony tales, buns, twirly swirly twists, doll vicious buns and side braids with clips, hairpins, and much more. Add custom pops because there is colorful hair chalk included to this Sugar Style Candy Doll.

Accessories and Interchange Outfits

Indeed, The Candylocks are customizable. Easily removable with her lemon wedge purse, citrus sunglasses, hair chalk, and ultra-long hair extension. Also, you can wear the included extension in your hair. With lots of outfit combinations, easily exchange the outfits of Lacey Lemonade with the Straw Mary Sugar’s outfit. Swap the outfits whenever you want because they are entirely interchangeable.

Sugar Style Deluxe Scented Doll

Spend a quality fun time with Lacey Lemonade. She is about seven years old with deluxe scented and extra-long hair. The hair is soft and super cool same as cotton candy. Limitless possibilities to style hair and customize their outfits with her included accessories. The sugar inspired theme based doll are enough to play with your kids for hours. It’ll be an incredible addition in your toys collection.

What can you get in the package?

Deluxe Collectible Doll: inside the box, you’ll get a 7-inch doll smell like strawberries and looks like lemonade which has 12 inches long soft hair with endless style possibilities that you can make. Wearing fun citrus outfit, and cute looking shoes make this doll adorable. However, the Candylocks are available over 20 dolls with unique features. 

Set of Attractive Accessories: the accessories include outfit, sunglasses, purse, clip use in her hair extension, purse use the hair chalk. Furthermore, the vibrant color extensions are easily wearable on your hair too. Swapping the outfits to enjoy fun for hours.

Collectible Dolls: Just not a single Candylock doll in a box. In fact, there are over 20 dolls with unique scented, outfits, and other attractive accessories that you can collect. Collect them a get an adorable collection of toys. Moreover, send a great gift to kids having age five or up with a delicious scent, yummy name, and super cute lots of accessories.

The Conclusion

Above all, Lots of hair-style possibilities with a unique scented Candylocks 7-Inch Lacey Lemonade are the best toy to make fun long hours or git anyone whom you love.

Recommended age: 5 years or above



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