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Buttheads Tushi Ninja – Christmas 2019 Toys Kids


Buttheads is the best toy or prank for children to play and enjoy in free time. The toy comes with butts on head, it will be an excellent prank for children, and they will enjoy the time. Some people think that it is an offensive idea as toy, but you should remember that your children are going to enjoy a lot with this toy.

Do you know it? Children will enjoy a lot with this toy, but adults will also appreciate this idea. If you are searching for a gift to give some dear friends, then you should make it more exciting by providing this buttheads toy as gift. They will enjoy and never forget this gift.

Features Buttheads Tushi Ninja

It is one of the best entertaining toys that come with gang of 4 to complete a team. These four members of this gang are Tushi, Robust, Brainfart, and The Grim Reaper. Remember that each member of this game has unique theme and look to provide real fun to the children and adults as well. In this gang, four members have different characters, but you should know that head of all these members gives the looks of butts that are more exciting part.

You can do a prank with your family by using this butthead, and you can set the timer up to 5 minutes. Moreover, there is a built-in function to change the pitch of voice. Do you want to change the tone of voice? You have to pull the finger of any member to change the mood. Do you know it? Every member of gang can create more than 20 sounds.

Buttheads Tushi Ninja

Additionally, every character comes with a unique card. You can scratch the name written on every card to get a surprise. Is it exciting? Yes, it will be fascinating for the children because they are already looking for these types of toys.

If you are elder, then you don’t need to consider yourself as a mature person, but you should also become a child after listening this toy. As I told earlier, there are different pitches in every member of the gang. You can change the angles of sounds by pulling the arms of these members. If you are an elder, then I recommend you to set the heavy ball to make it more friendly to you.

Interesting Facts

Don’t think about the level of fun you and your children will get by playing with this toy because it is not a controversial issue, but it is the settled issue that Buttheads are enjoyable because of their heads and sounds. Sometimes, you can face the problem of battery connection. So, if you encounter this issue, then you need to remove and reinstall battery instantly to solve the issue.

The heads look like butts of these characters, so, if your children are too much younger, then you have taught them about the look of the leaders. By giving this knowledge to your children, they will play with this toy with the awareness, and you know that we enjoy more if we understand all aspects of the fun.

Sometimes, people give funny gifts to dear friends, sisters, and brother on special events like birthdays. If you are also invited to a birthday party of your dear ones, then you should give them a memorable gift. This butthead can be the best funny and memorable gift for your friends.

Final Words

There is no doubt that everyone will get an enjoyable time with this prank. I recommend you that use this as prank with different sounds to enjoy more. As you know, if someone has listened one audio of these characters, then next time he/she will not impress with the same music. That’s why I recommend to change the sounds. If you have any queries, don’t forget to write a comment below. Thanks!



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