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Boxer – Interactive A.I Robot Toy Black


Boxer Robot is a dream toy which delivers big fun to kids. This plucky little bot is your faithful companion. There is assembly required; the real fun starts at first blink right after unboxing. It can immediately win your heart with adorably animated expressions, impressive funny sounds, and fun-loving personality.

Amazingly, there are three ways to play with Boxer. Let’s discuss 1st way. It comes with 10 activity cards. You have to place one tag in front of Boxer, and the real fun begins after it scans the card. Now have fun with a hilarious round of bot bowling, Laser Tank, or Soccer. The second way to play with this little bot is to interact with it by moving your hands, touch it and get hilarious reactions. The third way is starting a race with Boxer using remote control to do wild wheelies and incredible stunts. There is also another option available to unlock new game by downloading a free app. Get your game on!

This tiny robot has a quirky personality to ensure to laugh for hours. There is a duration of time when he expresses his feeling such as happy, grumpy, sad, or sleepy and much more dynamic moods. You can play with it in exciting ways and discover more ways to play.

Inside the box: Unwrapping the package and you will get one A.I robot, to different activity cards, IR remote control, Interactive balls accessory, and USB charging cable.

Interesting Features Boxer Robot

There are some exciting features; you can play around with include:

  • An internal rechargeable battery to play it for hours
  • There are numerous IR sensors are included
  • Included with multiple exceptional tech features
  • It comes with 10 activity cards.
Boxer Interactive A.I Robot Toy Black

The Good Points

There is an endless good point in this little bot that ends up making hilarious fun. It is an excellent gift for kids aged six years or up. Some of high that you should aware be aware of include:

  • Plenty of ways you can interact with this toy, and it can react in a wide range of silly expressions.
  • As it comes with a rechargeable battery so that you don’t have to keep changing batteries all the time.
  • Once you charge the battery fully, it delivers massive fun for hours.
  • There is multi-directional infrared sensing, and speedy balancing motors offers to make impressive moves. You can drive it quickly to get more fun. There will be a different adventure whenever you play with it.
  • It loves one-to-one play with you, that’s mean you can play with it by moving your hands and it will respond by following your every move. It’ll zigzag and dart around you whenever you interact it with using hands.
  • As it has numerous IR sensors that let you get real-life responses, engaging expression, and an exciting WooHoo!
  • Its captivating good point is, it’s activity cards. After putting the card in it, it rolls over the map and scans it. Now you are ready to play amazing games such as Go Kart, Paddle Boat, and Bot Bowling.
  • Its head is nodding, and electrifying dance moves bring the utmost fun.

Things to Consider

Parents may be forced to download the app so that their young ones can exploit new ways of paying with Boxer.

The Final Verdict

It is that kind of robot that makes your child’s life bright. This toy is the top-notch toy in the interactive toys list in 2019. There is nothing assemble, unbox it, and get fun right now. All the need that your kid requires, this little bot provides such as hilarious fun, games, dance, life-like moves, silly expressions and much more. Boxer ensures to make your kid fall in love with it. There are lots of “hugs” and “thank you” are on your way than expected to discover a new robotic pal as it is an excellent gift ever! Recommended age: 6 years



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