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Baby Born Surprise Doll


The cutest little bundle of joy. The Baby Born Surprise Dolls introduced by MEGA Entertainment. This doll just like a newly born baby and one of the best adorable gift of little angles. Wrapping a colorful cover with numerous collectible pieces such as cutie babies, colorful changing diapers, tiny water bottles, and beautiful blankets.

Featuring with unwrapping me, wake me up, feed me and I pee. This doll let you feel like you are handling it just like a real baby. It comes with so many adorable looks, cute swaddle, and the color change diapers. You can collect them all. Also, you can get instruction from the collector’s guide that is included with its package. There are more two surprises, such as games and its birth certificate.

Real Doll Swaddles

When you unwrap its cover, you have a doll perfectly swaddled in the actual fabric. You’ll feel pleasure by having a wrapped little toy that immediately melts your heart.

Use the feeder to feed it when it is hungry. After drinking it sounds like wee-wee which activates a color change on their nappy, it is fantastic!

Three water surprises including open’s baby eyes, feed baby, it pees, and color-changing diaper. As it comes with tightly swaddled and sleepy eyes, let you feel such a baby born surprise. Are you exciting about its hair color? Girl or boy? Just unwrap this little bundle of joy and discover it your own. The cutest baby brings many accessories so that you care about it.

Baby Born Surprise Doll

There is a bundle of features loaded in this little toy that makes it the best surprise toy in 2019. Some of the most interacting features are:

Different Eye Colors

This doll surprises you when you see its eye color. When you buy it comes with close eyes, let it awake and reveal the intensity of its eye. Also there you needed a damp cloth to wipe the eyes and see their hue.

Attractive Diaper Patterns

The doll has a little bottle that looks like a feeder. You have to feed it through this bottle. After the baby drinking water, it will pee prompting you to change its diaper. This pee is magical as it will display you such a cute diaper pattern Baby Born Surprise Doll.

Birth Certificate

When the parents are buying it, there, they’ll get its birth certificate where you have to provide required details related for keep safe.

Surprise Games

After the walkthrough surprises, now you have to use the collector’s guide to determine the birthday of the little doll, its name, and its favorite food, etc.

Start a Collectible Collection Baby Born Surprise Doll

Undoubtedly, Baby Born Surprise Doll is a toy that should rank up in the entire collection of your toys list.

  • This Baby Born Surprise Doll let you collectability.
  • There are so many amazing surprises when you unwrap it.
  • Like a newborn child, this doll makes a move by moving its head, arms, and legs to allow it to lay down or to sit up.
  • No need to have a battery to operate this toy. This saves your money as well as the headache of having to charge or replace the batteries all the time.
  • Water surprises that you little kid will love to explore.
  • This doll is recommended for childing having age three years or above.
  • Collect all the little bundles and enjoy it!

Things to Consider

There are some things you should keep in your mind when you are buying this doll. These include:

  • As this toy’s pack states it will come with more than ten different accessories, but it is quite misleading as the included accessories are less in 10.
  • When you feed the water to the baby, it can also be a messy thing.
  • As it has a small part, so try it to keep from little angles.

The Final Verdict

Adorable toys are getting grow and grow, and it comes as no surprise that Baby Born Surprise Doll is one of the best surprise toys in the toys list of 2019. But it is the best gift for kids ages 3 or up. Featuring with surprises and games, this toy makes its value worthwhile that you little angle will enjoy with it for a long time. Unwrap cute little born baby and be surprised!



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