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Air Hogs Robo Trax – Hot Toys in 2020-2021


It is best for a tackle on grass, sand, grit, and rocks. This land vehicle is ideal for the kids who have aged eight years or up. It can be transformed from air hog’s terrain into the self-supporting train. Air Hogs Robo Trax It is well equipped with five missiles; 2 missile bay and even kids can handle worst battle situations with it. It has two modes, in-tank from; it will show you excellent speed, acceleration across rough surfaces.

Wow!!! You can transform it into a robot by just pressing the transformation button, in this mode, it will uplift its missile and get ready to go for mission.it can reach an imposing height of 8 inches. Auto-supporting technology keeps the robot steady to its position so that you can aim its battlements surely even on unsteady surfaces.

Unwrapping the box, you can get Air hogs Robo Trax Tank, a remote controller, a USB charger, instruction sheet, data cable, and spare propellers. By pressing the stunt button, you can see your tank twist into a self-supporting robot.

The remote controller can control the speed of 2.4 GHz frequency band reachable up to 100 feet. It comes with a joystick offering four-channel control over the air hogs Robo Trax. It doesn’t matter either you are controlling outracing competitors or practicing tricky maneuvers by your own, but this Robo tank ensures precise control.

Moreover, it is highly recommended to play with it outdoors only. As it presents with spare propellers, just in case there is an accident. Providing a wide range of frequency, you can control it generously.

There is a number of the following items:

  • Air hogs Robo Trax Tank
  • Game controller
  • 1 data cable to charge
  • 1 Instruction booklet
  • 6 Missiles

Features Of Air Hogs Robo Trax

Several features of this toy will help your kid to enjoy during playing time. Let me discuss some exciting features of this toy!

  • All-terrain is specially designed for fun outdoor examination.
  • Air hogs Robo Trax has two modes; racing mode and battle mode.
  • It can be easily transformed into a Robot by just press the front button.
  • Air hogs Robo Trax does fly along with racing on the land, and you feel like you are flying through the sky at high speed with the super detachable Tank.
  • Kids can Rise their excitement by renovating the tank into a robot and then engaging in an electrifying fight with battle mode.
  • It is suitable for boys.
  • The kids who are eight years old will love to play with this super fact Tank. This Tank and Robo is chargeable that makes it last longer. Once you charge it fully it can run for minutes. It takes 30 minutes for charging. The 3 AAA batteries are required which does not come within its box. Polaroid battery will be best for it.
  • I suggest that kids play with this tank and robot at home or outdoor places. It offers the communication range of 100 ft and the range including 2.4 GHz.
  • Amazingly, the high-speed racer comes with two colors as red and blue which are controllable up to 200 ft.

It comes with many features, but I have mentioned some exciting ones. Your child can enjoy other features as well at the time of playing with it. 

There are the following items:

  • Air hogs Robo Trax Tank
  • Game controller
  • 1 data cable for the purpose of charging
  • 1 Instruction booklet
  • 6 Missiles

Things to Consider

  • It doesn’t provide useful material.
  • Not play around kids having age three years or less than three years.

The Final Verdicts

An air hogs Robo Trax is perfect for kid’s ages eight years or up. With its fresh and super exciting features, this tank is the best gift for your child enjoying the Christmas day beyond other days. This racer blast across the ground at high speed. As featuring with detachable technology, it can give fast landing as well as ready to take-off even after the epic crashing. If your kid loves playing an air hogs robot Trax tank is the best gift ever.

This Tank is very collaborative and grips many children attention for very long periods. This model is absolutely a tremendous enlightening technology. It encourages creativity fun! I Highly recommend this!

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